Addlepate: stupid and confused

Blackguard: scoundrel

Cumberground: someone so useless they just take up space

Duke of Limbs: tall and gangly

Earth-Vexing: troubling man’s life

Fopdoodle: simpleton

Gnashbag: constant complainer

Highbinder: scheming politician

Ill-Nurtured: badly brought up

Jolt-Head: a stupid person

Klazomaniac: someone who can only communicate by shouting

Leasing-Monger: liar

Milksop: weak, lacking courage

Ninnyhammer: Simpleton

Onion-Eyed: teary-eyed

Pillock: idiot

Quisby: lazy

Rakefire: someone who overstays their welcome

Saddle-Goose: imbecile

Triptaker: someone finicky who always finds fault

Ultracrepidarian: someone who offers advice outside of their field of knowledge (see: social media users)

Whiffle-Whaffle: time-waster

Yaldson: son of a prostitute

Zounderkite: idiot

5 thoughts on “July 19, 2023: Expand your antiquated cursing glossary with these archaic insults!

  1. I love these! Are you writing a Victorian era comedy murder mystery series? These words would fit in so well.

    Pillock is still used quite regularly in the UK. Milksop less so but still occasionally.

    Leasing-Monger sounds like a real estate agent. So the liar meaning still fits.

    Kaylee in Firefly uses “Addlepated”.

    I’ll shut up now lest I be called a rakefire ultracrepidarian.

  2. I’ll have to go through these carefully. 🤔 What got you interested in these phrases?

  3. These are great! I actually once referred to someone as an addlepated pillock. All that time I spend reading does come in handy!

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