As the writers’ strike drags on and my pitching has been put on hold, I have shifted focus elsewhere – namely, comics books and film.  Two weeks ago, I delivered the penultimate script for my first comic book series since Dark Matter, a horror tale in the vein of Ringo and Final Destination.  Today, I receive the go-ahead to start work on the fifth and final issue.  It’s been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to hear what you think when the time comes.

Meanwhile, that horror film is still front and center.  The budget is more or less set.  Tomorrow, Ivon and I have a 9:00 a.m. zoom with Team Bulgaria to discuss.  And I await input from my lawyer on the business plan.  Hoping to have a package for investors by end of next week.  And after that, it’ll be smooooooooooth sailing!

Oh, hey, speaking of horror – check out this monstrosity…

I mean, I love cheese, but that’s a cheeseburger in desperate need of a burger.

Well, this is wild…

Apparently a controversial take…

10 thoughts on “July 13, 2023: The Thursday Report!

  1. Now that the actors have gone on strike too, doesn’t that put all your plans on hold? Does comic books fall under the writer’s strike? Do writers still write will under strike or do they just go on vacation? I wish all writers and actors success in getting what they want from those greedy CEOs. The wage disparity is ridiculous. In every form of business!

  2. Well, now that SAG actors, especially the half of all members who are currently earning 25K yearly or less, are on strike as of midnight 7/14 I suspect AMPTP will not be able to hold out with their current cold oppressive attitude for more than a couple months. Where as there is a public donation fund to help keep WGA & SAG members covered while fighting. Also, SAG members are no strangers to restaurant waiter and bartending jobs. I doubt any of the AMPTP execs would know how to survive without a privately chartered jet to get around Or a housekeeper to come do their laundry, clean their toilets and wash their floors. Nor will they find it easy to obtain decent paying temp work they actually qualify for.

    Hey Joe, Just outta curiosity – How do you shop an indie horror film??
    The only indie film makers I’ve ever been acquainted with always just submitted
    their finished work to film festivals for inclusion consideration.

    1. That’s the way we’ll go. Once we lock in financing, we’ll bring on a publicist.

  3. BTW Gang: Anyone seeking updates on my cancer journey can email me.
    Some excellent progress. Some set backs to share.

      1. Thanks. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for ya on the comic book and indie movie projects. xo

  4. Everything is a controversial take on Social Media.

    Went to visit my mom yesterday. I came back with four dozen ears of corn, so I’ll be busy today. Mom has filled her freezers with corn and strawberries, so far.

    Bulgaria sounds nice but I’m still routing for Portugal.

  5. Back from a (n almost) week long vacation in NH, doing some more hiking in the mountains. Great trip other than the times it rained (hard!).

    If the results are any evidence many movie writers appear to be both incompetent AND contemptuous.

    Good luck on those projects!

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