Behold, the Wooden Platter!

One final hurrah as my favorite schnitzel place, Country Style Hungarian, closes its doors after 62 years.  A bittersweet – but utterly delicious – final meal that has hosted the likes of schnitzel-appreciating celebrities like Carl Binder, Alexander Ruemelin, and Ivon Bartok.

On the bright side, they are responding to a pilot that was optioned two days after I sent it out, a cozy mystery picked up by a very enthusiastic producer of similar fare.  This comes on the heels of some conversations about a few other projects in addition to ongoing strategic planning of that high concept low budget horror comedy.  As crazy as it sounds, if one of these goes, 2024 may find me shooting in either:





I look forward to any and all changes of scenery.

Speaking of cozy mysteries…

Also, kind of interesting…


Today’s Yes/No…


8 thoughts on “July 7, 2023: Farewell schnitzel, a possible change of scenery, and sundry points of interest!

  1. I hit the button too soon.

    Thanks for the video footage from yesterday’s post. It’s fun to see Chris smiling.

    I’m voting for Bulgaria for the shoot. The scenery looks interesting. However, Portugal is supposed to have very tasty cuisine. 🤔 Very exciting!

    I looked up Bulgarian foods… If you pick a place to film just for the cuisine, go with Portugal!

    Any news on adopting a new pup?

    Ready for the weekend? Any special plans?

    Today, (post swim) I mowed the yard, made garlic mashed potatoes, whipped together a key lime pie and have a roast ready to put in the instant pot tomorrow. I’ll pull the rest of the meal together at lunch (including whipped cream for the pie) and feast on leftovers the rest of the weekend!

  2. Quantum theory provides more vocabulary and mutually understood concepts to make hypotheses. I wonder if there was a similar discussion as household electricity became more accepted.

    If true, the ascended are suckers. And it fails to explain Thomas Riker, the transporter clone.

  3. How are you going to get Carl Binder to come to Toronto now if there is no more schnitzel? Maybe try and find a good chicken fried steak place.

    I look forward to a change of scenery for you (and us) too. Any place would be an adventure.

  4. Was trying to comment but kept getting nonce verification failed! I ain’t no nonce, boy!!!

  5. If you are filming in England and need any extras …. although I haven’t done that before! Will work for food ( and lodgings if far away from home! ). Lots of filming carried out in Liverpool as well as that London!

  6. The fact that the universe is fine-tuned for life, implying that “intelligence existed prior to matter,” (from the article about consciousness that you linked to), would seem to support the idea that we live in a (constructed) simulation more than anything else. And if that’s the case, the Great Programmer may have included many “levels.” Our present life might just be the first (beginner) level, after which we level up.

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