Well, that was fast.  I went to bed last night considering the prospect of a coup that would topple Putin in Russia.  15 hours later, the conspirators decided to call it, packed up, and went back home.  Somewhat…anti-climatic.  But as events were still evolving, I was reminded of someone of someone I worked for back in the day.  Simply put, an asshole.  And dealing with him was exhausting.  I expressed my hope that he would be fired one day and replaced to which one of my co-workers offered: “Better the devil you know”.  My response was: “Better?  Really?”  In the end, he DID end up getting fired and his replacement turned out to be terrific – collaborative, supportive, and approachable.  And I was thinking of the “Better the Devil you know” argument as events were unfolding in Russia because, in this particular case, I believe the mantra was sound.  Prigozhin’s words and actions strike me as decidedly unstable – not the type of individual you want controlling roughly 6000 nuclear weapons.  In any case, it’s all over.  Presumably.  For now.  But honestly have to wonder how long Prigozhin sticks around.

A pitch for my Marvel Comics Supervillain movie…

Looking for mystery/suspense/thriller recommendations.  Story must involve sleuthing, either by a professional or amateur investigator.  No genre (sci-fi, fantasy, horror).  Give me your best!

This is an interesting video about the sad reality of the business…

With all this news about studios hiring the services of A.I.’s to help them green light movies via complicated algorithms, you’d think the computers would do a better job…

Came across an article the other day about what death row convicts had for their last meals and it got me thinking…what would I have?  After considerable thought, I came up with the following…

Smash cheeseburger, fried chicken, Sweet Hornet pizza, wagyu A5 steak, schnitzel, sissig, uni, ikura, caviar, spaghetti a l’assassina, crispy bonjiri, crispy chicken skin on rice, Mom’s pistachio cake, Akemi’s chocolate truffles, Haagen-Dazs vanilla, and 3 shots Yamazaki 18.


Today’s Yes/No…

9 thoughts on “June 24, 2023: News of Note!

  1. Agreed how long would he still be threre ??? Putine is not his friend anymore…

  2. Last meal: Several steamed lobsters with lots of warmed garlic butter sauce, a large container of Haagen-Dazs double Belgium dark chocolate ice cream AND another large container of Haagen-Dazs mint chocolate chip ice cream, plus heavy whipping cream to make the ice cream into a slurry.

    World news and politics: I’m very close to Kings Bay and, therefore, very close to ground zero. I’m thinking I wasted a lot of money on my emergency prep items and food. However, I am ready for a hurricane 😀

    Recommendations: I got one or two which may spark some interest. You’ll hear from me soon.

  3. I’m just not going to do anything that will get me the death penalty because I’m not sure what I would order as my last meal. Maybe a juicy steak, a cheese-dripping slice of pizza, some turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a huge jug of ice cold chocolate milk. And some banana pudding!

  4. I didn’t pay much attention to the Putin deal. It’s hard to find a news source that’s unbiased. I’ll wait and see what shacks out in the laundry.

    Loving the weird deaths you’re sharing. “Truth is stranger than fiction.”.

    Okay, after reading your last meal, I might have to change my answer.

    Happy Suji Sunday!

  5. I’m just wondering how much poison Putin is going to have to buy in order to take out that Wagner leader and his entire coup army.

  6. Putin may be working with lots of unstable people/groups …
    But I also wonder though … if some of these drama, coup, etc. are part of Putin’s war game. I mean … he could have the Wagner group staged a fake coup … and then now you see whatever deal they made … apparently Prigozhin will be in Belarus, seems like a location much closer to Kyiv for easier strike to the target … Who knows.

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