4 thoughts on “May 21, 2023: Suji Sunday!

  1. For an old girl she is amazingly young looking. She still looks like a puppy! She is well cared for and it shows. I bet people are surprised when you tell them how old she is… not necessarily because she’s 18 but because of how good she looks. Love her new necklaces! Great gifts.

  2. Love the necklaces. xo Did Akemi make those?

    Correction about auto correction.
    Auto correct changed My Beautiful Wife
    to wacky. Not whacky. Albeit, I grew up, as did many other baby boomers,
    spelling it with an h. so who’s to say? which is correct. (other than some young punk web programmer at google who decided to start a campaign to get the spelling changed). And who the heck came up with the damn pretentious nonsense! of calling a stick blender an “immersion blender”!?

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