I’m 239 movies deep into this Horror Marathon, and I’m thinking of taking a break…

To watch all 99 installments (33 half hour segments) of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, roughly 12.5 hours worth.

I’m going to start Wednesday.  Cast your vote for how many half-hour episodes we should watch a day…

3 episodes/day is in the lead – which would be, roughly, 90 minutes – the equivalent to a movie a day for 11 straight days.

Who’s in?!

Once done, the regularly scheduled Horror Marathon will continue.

Meanwhile, speaking of horror and polls…

Today’s Yes/No…

7 thoughts on “April 17, 2023: Who’s onboard our Treehouse of Horror marathon?!

  1. Well if 239 horror movies in a row does not make you insane, you should breeze through a measly 33 half hours of the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror. I’d watch it like my mom making me eat peas as a kid. As fast as possible! Good luck.

  2. Are those Simpsons thingies on that their Disney Plus thingy? I might give a few a watch. Back in my day, we only had like twelve of those Treehouse of Horrors. Or is that Treehouses of Horror. Anyway, then the The Simpsons went to shit.

  3. I’m already DVRing through all “Simpsons” seasons, in no particular order. Will you be posting your planned viewing list daily?

  4. I’ve been enjoying a few of your horror flicks. So, Thank you for the reviews! That being said, Akemi could probably use a break. 😉

    I’m not sure how many Simpsons I have access too. My son bought a few seasons. I’ll give them a looksie.

  5. “I’m 239 movies deep into this Horror Marathon, and I’m thinking of taking a break…”
    Gosh … Please take a real break! LOL

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