Surprisingly, they’re all great!

I’m a Beverly Hillbillies man.

The Tournament of Terror moves on to semifinal action as the Frightful Four compete!  Cast your vote!

Hate to see The Menu lose out to this snooze fest.

Not so surprising.

Today’s Yes/No…

Simply based on the name alone…no.

4 thoughts on “April 13, 2023: Notions of Note!

  1. There is a lot of mythology about eggs,,,I was diagnosed with type two diabetes in 2005,,,tried everything to control it, exercise, watching my sugar intake, taking insulin stimulating drugs,,,etc,,,but my morning glucose readings were always in the 240 to 260 range and my A1c was consistently 8.1 (or worse)…then, in 2018, my Son finally managed to penetrate the fog and suggested I try the ketogenic diet (meat, fat and a maximum of 50 grams of TOTAL carbs a day)…within three months, my glucose levels dropped to an A1c of 6.1,,,my morning readings declined from 240-260 down to 130 or 135…and I eat 3 eggs every morning, either fried with bacon/sausage or soft boiled,,,cholesterol dropped from the mid 240s to 189…I’ll be 80 this Sept,,,still walking one to two miles every day and lifting weights three to four times a week…gee, I suspect that dr is WRONG…

  2. Hey I tried. I voted for The Menu every time I saw it. I know how much you like food.

  3. I grew up with the first Scooby Do theme so it’s always gonna be that one.

    I think we only got Petticoat Junction and Beverley Hillbillies here in Australia and only Hillbillies was on steady rotation in my house so it’s gotta be that.

    I’d watch Good Olly Miss Gilly. Sounds like fun!

    Of the Frightful Four I’ve only seen Nope and Prey and I liked Prey better . . . but I’m hard pressed to call either of them horror.

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