Almost completed the rewrite on the new horror feature.  Hope to have it solid by the weekend so it can go out next week.  In the meantime, I’m looking to lockdown development deals on a sci-fi book adaptation and an out-of-this world sci-fi concept.  Things are cooking on the action-adventure series front as the pilot is in the hands of interested foreign buyers, while my android-themed series goes out to a streamer next week.  I generated three very cool (to me) sci-fi series concepts that I think I’ll knock off over the coming months, three new pilots to fling into the void.  Also waiting to hear back on the option deal for that small town mystery, while I wait to hear what’s the deal with that other small town mystery.  Projects fall by the wayside, but new projects rise up to their place.  Hey, at least I’m keeping busy.

Akemi: What color milk frother should I get?
Me: Red.
Akemi: Red?!!!
Me: Black.
Akemi: Black?!!!
Me: White.
Akemi: WHITE?!!
Me: Green?
My wife: Okay.
Three weeks later, she tells our neighbor: “Joe picked the color!”

The #TouranmentOfTerror continues!  Check out the hashtag on twitter to cast your vote.  64 horror movies compete.  Only 1 will survive!

Today’s Yes/No…

Unintentionally empathetic with that NO!

I had planned to head to Montreal for the Easter long weekend but my sister suggested the timing might not be good given how much she and mom had on their plate re: work.  And that turned out to be a good call because the city was hit by a windstorm the other day that left over 1 million customers without electricity – and very limited cell phone service – including mom and sis.  Apparently, most gas stations are closed and the few that are open have very long lines.  When will this all get sorted?  Well, my sister forwarded me the following announcement from Hydro Quebec:


Stay warm, Montreal!

4 thoughts on “April 6, 2023: Project rotation! In sync with Akemi! Montreal in the deep freeze!

  1. Such widespread outages in Kentucky from ice and Ohio from wind still had significant outages 2 weeks later. It’s possible an urban area would fair better.

  2. I would offer to send your relatives a baggie of Texas air, but it’s only 11°C /51°F in San Antonio right now.

  3. Lol at Akemi!!

    Hope your mom and sister stay warm until their power is restored. Been there before and IT IS MISERABLE to be cold with no lights.

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