7 thoughts on “February 18, 2023: Unusual Deaths – Dying of Laughter Edition!

    1. Damnit. I wrote Goodies but auto-corrected to Goonies and didn’t notice.

  1. Well, at least they went happy.

    Is it possible there’s a joke so funny, that to even hear it once will surely cause death within minutes? It would be super mysterious though, since no one survives long enough to retell it.

  2. So when someone says “I died laughing”, this is where it comes from. Speaking of Reader’s Digest, I guess laughter is not the best medicine after all.

  3. I can’t believe you’re still on horror films! Aren’t you running out of them? What does Akemi do while you’re watching them?

    On today’s post: Laughing would be a good way to go. Have you ever seen “Grumpy Old Men”? There’s one scene where the two main characters (Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau) talk about friends dying fast “Lucky old bastard”. I’m starting to feel that way.

    Hey, that might be a good genre to review, old classics!

    No for me on the Whopper!

    Have a great Suji Sunday!

    1. About to hit movie 200 in this horror marathon – which means another Top 10 list.
      And Akemi is decidedly NOT a horror fan – but did like The Menu.

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