I love wild mushrooms and remember going mushroom-picking with my father.  He would find these Shaggy Manes and pan fry them with garlic and butter.  Delicious.  I’ve never had them since because I hear they look similar to a poisonous variety and am not confident enough to tell the difference.  Today, I do most of my wild musrhoom-eating at restaurant where I can rely on the expertise of knowledgeable chefs.  My mother, on the other hand, has always steered clear as she forever remembers, as a young child, attending the funeral of an entire family who died after eating poison mushrooms.

Speaking of eating…

Sell!  Sell!

And I believe two sidewinders were used to take down 8 year old Tommy Milsap’s kite over Alaska.


8 thoughts on “February 16, 2023: Unusual Deaths – Mushroom Edition!

  1. I like mushrooms…but I can’t eat them because I can’t get get past the texture. The only mushroom I’ve successfully eaten and enjoyed is a crunchy mushroom that most Chinese restaurants around here add to their hot and sour soup. It’s dark, and cut in long stripes. And it’s crunchy. I think it’s a mushroom…

    We had a lion’s mane mushroom that grew out of a tree at our old house. I was tempted…but it was too pretty to pick. It grew at least two years in a row…maybe more and I just never noticed it.

    So, I just use truffle salt, or add porcini powder when I want to add some umami depth to a dish.

    (I used to have a saying about mushrooms – “I don’t eat anything that can grow between my toes” – but my husband said it wasn’t a ladylike thing to say…lol)

    And I am a little afraid of mushrooms, and will never eat a wild one, ever since reading a story in Reader’s Digest when I was a kid, about a family that died after eating wild ‘srooms. I also won’t operate a chain saw after reading a story in Reader’s Digest about a guy who cut his chest open when his chainsaw kicked back (he survived). And I won’t mess with a grizzly bear because of a story in Reader’s Digest…

    Mebbe I should just stop reading Reader’s Digest. 😛


    1. I should add Reader’s Digest to my Horror Marathon.
      Is Reader’s Digest still a thing?

  2. I saw that about the Hobby balloons. Since, we’re floundering in a lack of official information, that explanation is as good as any.

    I know people that pick their own mushrooms but I’ve seen too many crime shows for that. I’m with you about only getting wild mushrooms from an expert.

    Does a Frappuccino contain coffee? If yes, then I’ll pass. I’m one of those weird non-coffee drinkers.

    Today, I’m on my way to attend a funeral. It’s being held in the town my mom lives in, so I’ll sneak in a visit.

  3. Criminey sakes, I didn’t know that Schobert! What a waste of human life.

    Well, I hate the taste and smell of mushrooms, whether they’re poisonous or not.

  4. That frabucinno looks deicious, a definate yes. The rose color is so pretty, goes perfectly with my favorite middle school song. I’m impatiently waiting for my salmon burger to cook, so I can time the toasting the brioche and assemble with thin swiss slices. I’m having granola to tide me over as I wait. I forgot to add in how cold it is today, which makes it take forever for the oven to warm up.

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