Made it!

Arrived in Montreal this morning.  No crowds.  No delays.  No turbulence.   It was smooooooth sailing.


Got in just in time for lunch with sis and mom!


Let the eating begin!

Birthday festivities tomorrow.  More eating!

Meanwhile, this twitter thread has garnered a half million views:

Today’s Yes/No…

11 thoughts on “February 7, 2023: Montreal Day #1!

  1. Alas…I have never been able to figure out Twitter, so I miss a lot, I suppose. But as crazy as my life is, it’s probably best I never added that distraction to my life. You all look great! I can only imagine all the yummy food you’ll be enjoying!

    Of course, you did say the magic words, ‘smoooooth sailing’…which means you’ll prolly be laid up for a week with food poisoning. 😉

    Speaking of which, the BBQ fountain makes me feel queasy. I haven’t eaten out in three years, and having had complete control over who and what touches my food before I consume it, I’m not sure I will ever feel comfortable dining out again…especially if there are food-lickers working in the kitchen. 😉


  2. Great news about your smooth sailing!

    What’s the punishment for defiling the sushi/soy/cups? If my son had done that….. it wouldn’t have been pretty.

    I hope today is a great one for everybody!

  3. Glad you made it! (you usually do) And here comes the delicious looking food! Mmmm that looks good.

    Please tell your Mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY! from all her fans.

  4. Hi Joe,
    With the shooting that happened on the Rust movie set it got me wondering. Stargate had a lot of shooting and a lot of guns over the years. What did you guys do to make sure that guns on the set were safe?

    1. We employed an experience armorer and always followed safety protocols.

  5. Andria and your Mom look great! You. too, Joe. Wish your Mom Happy Birthday. I wonder which one it is. I see she can still cook up a storm!! I will be 87 next month. We’re getting up there!

  6. Glad you made it safely and hope your family had a great time on your mom’s birthday!

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