Thanks to Tim Gaffney for reminding me about yesterday’s missed post.  For those who missed it, I’ve submitted five more horror movies for your consideration.  I’m 167 movies into this horror marathon and am thinking about stopping at 200.  Or 250.  What do you think?  Maybe then I’ll switch gears to another theme. Maybe Korean gangster movies?

Well look at what arrived in the mail today…

Img_0369 Img_0370 Img_0372 Img_0378

Courtesy of The Popcast Guys.  Order your Dark Matter swag here:

The results of my endoscopy are in and…inconclusive.  I’ve actually stopped taking the meds and switched to incorporating apple cider vinegar and sauerkraut (awful) into my daily food regimen. The results have been surprising.  I’m actually feeling pretty good.  In the meantime, I received a form from the endoscopy clinic suggesting a blood test for celiac disease.  This sounds suspiciously close to that gluten intolerance bunk.

Akemi has started a new Instagram account in which she catalogues and comment son my toy collection: Toys My Husband Won’t Throw Away.




Signing with a comic book agent.  Have four pitches out and hoping to have something rolling by the time San Diego Comic Con rolls around.  Anybody going?

Akemi is picking the Bengals to defeat the Eagles in the Super Bowl.  Place your bets accordingly.

Out for a special multi-course sushi dinner tonight.  Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “January 21, 2023: Various updates!

  1. Re medical testing: Your provincial tax dollars pay for it, right? Better to test and know (and treat if needed) than to be blindsided.

  2. Well, celiac is an actual thing, so it wouldn’t hurt to at least eliminate that as a possibility.

  3. My apple cider vinegar concoction is: in an 8oz glass, a finger of acv, add honey to cover the bottom of the glass, lemon juice until the color changes, and fill w/ water, stir till hobey dissolves and you have a nice spicy lemonade.

  4. I’ve enjoyed your horror movie trailer tweets. Please no Korean gangster movies. I guess. Maybe they are good?

    Love your Dark Matter shirts and is that a Bubba replica? Who has the original?

    An endoscopy that is inconclusive? Never heard of that before. Seems if they stick a camera down your throat it should show what’s there. Maybe Inconclusive means to look further elsewhere.

    You have the coolest “toys”!!!!

    1. Love those tees, I’ll have to order one or two and maybe a mug. Thanks for mentioning Akemi’s new IG. I look forward to seeing your toy collection.

  5. Celiac and gluten intolerance are distinct. You’ll be treated much better as a patient (not deal with doctors who don’t believe in your condition) with a positive celiac test. The symptoms aren’t the same either.

    While the testing for gluten intolerance isn’t definitive, the testing for celiac will be more binary. If you test positive, you won’t have to deal with people believing your condition is bunk unless it’s people who get the two confused.

    I, for one, am glad gluten intolerance is understood at least by enough people for me to have heard about it, though, because I was using a cane already in my 30’s before I stopped eating gluten.

  6. Cool T-shirts!

    Movie marathon ideas: Space flicks, Godzilla, Monsters, or Disasters. My hubby and I love to see films in which the Stature of Liberty gets destroyed or stands alone in a desolate wasteland. An Eiffel tower destruction is a close second.

    At least there’s a simple test for celiac. As for gluten free, I know a one person that I’m certain it’s just a fad (she cheats & has no problems). However, the other people I know on the diet, gluten free seems to be a game changer. You could always try it for a month or so.

    Sauerkraut is something I grew up with. My aunt used to make it and let me help. She used to bury it in a clay pot for 30 days or so to ripen. Those are good memories.

    I love sauerkraut on my hot dogs. It has to be a nice crispy kraut. There are differences in brands.

    Happy Suji Sunday!

  7. Like celiac isn’t real? I’m not following. I know two people who have celiac (not that intolerance people randomly claim). For them they have autoimmune disorders as well and they get legit, quantifiably sick if there’s even a trace. One is a little kid and their family doesn’t buy into the hype. It was confirmed by blood test. The other is a gruff older guy who won’t even risk a restaurant if he can’t guarantee a full cleaning bc it’s days of really bad symptoms (like on the toilet type problems). If there are symptoms it doesn’t hurt to get checked, yeah?

  8. Yay, Dark Matter merchandise! Maybe one day I’ll walk into a store and see new Dark Matter DVDs or comics on the shelves.

    I’m particularly fond of the group silhouettes in the Season 1 logo. Too bad the show lost that when One “died”.

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