5 thoughts on “January 13, 2022: Meanwhile, on the home front!

  1. Your face when you drank that grapefruit juice was the best face yet!!
    You made me laugh so hard.
    How is it, at your age, you didn’t know how bad grapefruit juice taste?
    But you make that seaweed look delicious!
    How much money did you eat in that video?
    About $10 worth in 20 seconds?

  2. Oh wait! That was GRAPE juice? I stand corrected! I bet that was delicious! Why the goofy face? I love grape juice.

  3. Oh good. Now I can go to bed happy
    knowing I fulfilled my sole lifelong goal
    of helping save you from yourself.

    But then again … You did just buy a one hundred twenty dollar single sheet of seaweed and ate it raw right out of the bag.

    Maybe I need to question if my work here is really done?

  4. TBF, that’s quite a lot of seaweed. It reminds me of the stuff I used to buy for the fish back when I had a saltwater aquarium – which if I bought that much probably would have been $120, LOL!

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