The New Year’s Day lunch…

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Soba two-ways: with simple dash ad with bottarga.

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Australian wagyu and crispy Brussels sprouts.

So, while it may seem as though I’m back to full strength, the truth is I’m still experiencing that slight, underlying nausea that is presumably being kept at bay by the meds I was prescribed before leaving for Montreal.  I was given a new prescription since after informing my doctor that my overall condition had not significantly improved but, in the interim, it has moderately improved.  And so, I’ll stick with the current pills, then switch over to the newbies once they’re done.  In the meantime, I have an endoscopy appointment this Wednesday at 8:00 a.m.(!).  Nothing to eat eight hours before the procedure (which is highly doable), and nothing to drink four hours before the procedure (which is a little tougher).  Apparently, I’ll be sedated for the procedure and it should last all of 90 minutes.  Akemi is accompanying me but, because of the covid restrictions, she won’t be able to wait for me there – so I suppose she’ll have to find some nearby coffee shop to while away the time.

Really, really, REALLY not looking forward to this.

Today’s Yes/No…

Is a giant YES from me!

Wading back into the world of comics.  Checked out six titles.  Four were not for me.  But two were –

1 2

Looking forward to perusing a few more titles in the coming days as I build a reading list.

P.S. Switched over to Chrome for my blogging and notice the default font is: “Visually-Impaired Senior” size.  It’s fine for posting, but wondering how it will show up in your feeds.  Report back!

13 thoughts on “January 2, 2022: New Year’s Dinner! That stomach scan! Comics, cured egg yolks, and oversized fonts!

  1. Hi Joe, I had an upper endoscopy done and for me, the hardest part was the team trying to find a vein for the IV (for the sedation). Then I had to turn on my side, and I remember the nurse saying, “here, swallow this tube” and the instant they put it in my mouth the sedation was started and I went out instantly. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery. Slight sore throat the rest of the day but I’ve had much worse with a cold. Hope yours goes as easily as mine! Will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way.

  2. Blog font looks same as BC (Before Chrome) on my iPhone. Email font looked a touch smaller, without comparing to previous notification emails.

    I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for a smooth colonoscopy. In my experience, the prep is worse than the procedure.

    One note: For the next day or so after procedure, lie on your left side to encourage flatulence. In this case, gas release is a GOOD THING. 😁

  3. Font looks normal on this end.

    Do you know where in Australia the Wagyu came from? I’m currently in Tasmania not far from one of the original Australian Wagyu producers (

    Good luck with the scan! You’ll be asleep. Smooth sailing!

  4. You should be fine but please don’t drive after the procedure. I suggest you not eat too much for the rest of the day – something light like scrambled eggs, soup, etc. I hope they figure this out soon so you can feel better.

  5. Happy New Year!
    The font comes through loud and clear. Hope everything turns out good with your procedure.

  6. That lunch looks delicious!

    I’m sorry Akemi can’t be with you Wednesday. One more day and then it will be over. We’ll be thinking of both of you. 👋🏼

  7. The font is actually its usual small size, although, being a senior with poor vision at times, the grandma sized font would be appreciated.

    Don’t worry about the endoscopy. You won’t actually be awake at all for it if they do them in Canada like they do them in the States. The sedative is given via I.V. and works and wears off very quickly. Without it, your natural gag reflex would prevent them from passing the scope down your throat. I have had them done with no problem. A sore throat is possible, but I really didn’t even have that. The procedure is quick and easy, usually taking less than twenty minutes. The rest of the time is spent getting you ready and in recovery making sure you can drink and function normally. With your history as of late, I would highly recommend going ahead with it. What I would not recommend is continuing to take the pills long term. Once you get your results, I can elaborate if you want more information. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. All the “oscopies” are rough, but necessary. The last time I had that seasick feeling was when I had vertigo, not fun. I hope all goes well with the scope and you can get clear answers.

  9. Speaking of you getting back into the world of comics, do we still have cause to hope Dark Matter comics might materialize in the future?

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