Our flight was scheduled to depart Montreal at 3:40, but we received late word that we’d be delayed a half an hour.  We ended up boarding at 4:00, then spent an hour on the tarmac before finally leaving Montreal, one hour and a half late.  Finally back in Toronto, we spent much of the day banking, shopping, running errands, and finishing up five comic book pitches.


Before we left Montreal, we got a chance to see my cousin Jeannie and her kids Tania and Matthew representing Hawaii, Arizona, and Guam.


Mom shows off the weird bottle of vino she’ll be breaking into the usher in the New Year.

Img_0276 Img_0277

The amazing treasures I came across.

Img_0288 Img_0290 Img_0292 Img_0293 Img_0294

Final lunch in Montreal: chicken fettine (my favorite), mom’s garlic marinated eggplant, super cooked dumplings (my mother likes them even crispier), pan-fried mushrooms (Akemi on duty here), and Japanese sweet potatoes with butter.

I’m feeling significantly better, but Akemi is insistent on me attending my scheduled endoscopy next week.  It’s an 8:00 a.m. crosstown appointment and I’ll need to be sedated fro the procedure!  I welcome your input.

8 thoughts on “December 29, 2022: The Montreal wrap-up!

  1. Sedated? Smooooth sailing, in my experience. The pre-scoping prep is usually worse than the actual procedure.

  2. I’m in agreement with Akemi. Feeling better isn’t always the same as being better and who knows how long it could take to get another appointment if this thing comes back in force.

  3. Your mom looks great! as does all that food especially the chicken! I love chicken. Listen to Akemi and make your appointment. You’ll be fine. You can do it.

  4. I’ve had a few endoscopies as well as colonoscopies. I’ve a lovely family history of stupidly strong stomach acid (thanks Grampa!) and colon disease, so I’ve been keeping on top of that. Ugh.

    Anyway, since you don’t have a car (well done, sir!), you won’t have to worry about the driving restriction, but you’ll definitely be glad for Akemi’s guidance, as some people have stronger reactions to the sedation than others & won’t remember much of anything up to 6 hours after the procedure. That’s the worst of it, really. I’ve never even had a sore throat from the scope.

    Oh, yeah, this last time, the injected sedative burned like a mother, but I was out after about 2 seconds, so if you have that, it won’t last long.

    I hope the findings are mild & easily treatable, Joe. 💕

  5. I’ll put $50 on “ate too much too soon after a virus and the small intestine’s cilia hadn’t regenerated to move the food along fast enough yet. Try the BRAT diet next time.”

  6. The food looks Amazing! Love the pictures of your family. You are a lucky guy.

    As for the endoscopy, I had one in 2020 before the plague really hit. I had the colonoscopy at the same time, so I was completely knocked out. That’s the way to do it!

  7. Good luck.

    “and finishing up five comic book pitches.” Exciting!

    From what I’ve seen of him on Justice League Action and Young Justice (that one’s highly recommend show!), Plastic Man is funny.

  8. I have had both, and it went quite smoothly from my perspective.For a colonoscopy, the worse part is drinking copious amounts of the liquid in advance. I think you will be kept comfortable.

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