I may be on the mend.

May be.

My appetite has greatly improved as has my dessert tolerance!


Mom working on the cozze.


Making the orechiette.


Mom and sis collabing on Christmas dinner.

Img_0189 Img_0194 Img_0190 Img_0191 Img_0211

Christmas dinner.

Img_0221 Img_0217

Suji models her new outfit compliments of sis.

Img_0225 Img_0232

And poses with her new friend – her very own custom-made Suji c/o Jewel Ephraim.  Instagram link

Img_0234 Img_0235

Part of my haul.


Mom’s new hat.

Img_0253 Img_0254

Roast lamb and orechiette.

Img_0483 Img_0515 Img_0530 Img_0533

The family photos.

Img_0256-2 Img_0258-2

Mom and her sister, Grace.  And Aunt Grace’s eggnog bread!

Img_0266 Img_0273

Cookie sampling.


And a little something for mom, all the way from Italia!

Hope you’re all well, enjoying family time, and looking forward to the week ahead.  I’ve got some Top 10 lists to get to!


7 thoughts on “Christmas 2022!

  1. The food, the people and the pups all look amazing!!! I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  2. Really cute sweaters! Mom gave me one with the symbol and colors of my university.

    We had lobster tails in butter, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

  3. I’ve got to have some of your mom’s orechiette, then I’m going straight to the dessert table for some of Aunt Grace’s eggnog bread. That looks amazing. Everything looks amazing! Everybody looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Loving all the family pics, thanks for sharing! A very happy holiday to you all and best wishes for a healthy New Year!

  5. Wow! Looks like you and your family had a fabulous Christmas this year!
    Very glad you’re feeling a bit better. The food spread. The custom made Suji. The sweaters. All look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing! Safe flight home.

    Holiday photo gift for all.
    A full circle rainbow captured via an aerial drone in Norway.


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