With the increasing likelihood that the existing Stargate canon will be phased out as Amazon moves forward with a reboot of the franchise, I’m uploading all of my existing behind-the-scenes files for fans here (and here) in the event they eventually get scrubbed.  Download them while you can!


12700d1409913610-hand-drawn-stargate-site-concept-illustration-20140831_075840 Sg1-2-ep-1 Sg1-4-ep-1 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-04-40-307


The Broca Divide

Broca-divide-set Broca-set Fa_0081-7 Fa_0081-8 Sg1-11-ep Sg1-12-ep Sg1-15-ep Sg1-16-ep Sg3_10263 Sg5_10490_01 Sg5_10490_02

The First Commandment

Fa-0135-2 Fa-0135-3 Fa-0135-6 Fa-0135-7 Fa-0135-8 First-commandment-cave-drawings-1 First-commandment-cave-drawings-2 First-commandment-cave-drawings-3 First-commandment-concept-art-1 First-commandment-concept-art-2 First-commandment-concept-art-3 Hanson-cave Img_3137 Sg1-3-ep-1 Sg1-4-ep-2 Sg1-6-ep-1 Sg1-8-ep Sg1-9-ep Sg1-9a-ep Sg1-10-ep Sg1_0064 Sg3_10252 Sg3_10254 Sg4_10368_01 Sg4_10368_02 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-03-26-189 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-03-43-977 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-04-01-435 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-04-13-528 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-04-26-314 Stargate-jaffa-invasion-drawing-concept-art-the-first-commandment The-first-commandment

Cold Lazarus

Cold-lazarus Fa-0127-1 Fa-0127-2 Fa-0127-4 Fa-0127-5 Fa-0127-6 Fa-0127 Sg1-1-ep-1 Sg1-2-ep-2 Sg1-6-ep-2 Sg1_0090 Xtal_info_layout

The Nox

9950082_1_x Fa-0126-1 Fa-0126-2 Fa-0126-3 Fa-0126-5 Fa-0126-6 Fa-0126-7 Fa-0126-8 Fa-0126 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-05-04-294 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-05-15-134 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-05-22-720 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-05-39-806 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-05-57-600 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-06-05-223

Today’s Yes/No…

8 thoughts on “December 10, 2022: Get ’em while you can!

  1. Thank you for sharing the artwork, Dear Sir.

    Still staying close to home for foreseeable future due to Husband’s neuro issues. May try for Vegas or other gambling site in 2023.

  2. I admit I haven’t been keeping up to date on SG developments, but it’s disappointing to hear that Amazon looks like it’s proceeding with a non-canon series. Big, big mistake in my opinion, but I guess it’s their money. Great that we’ll have an archive of this SG stuff here in one place.

    1. Just remember boys n girls ..
      According to Amazon,
      the content it’s putting out there is technically not a reboot.
      They’re in-cannon “reimaginings”.

      Not sure who they think they’re foolin’ with that nonsense?

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