If I were to ever be invited to adapt a comic book series, it would have to be one of these…


Speaking of which – completed three comic book pitches that I plan to send out next week.  Also plan to do a pass on a couple of scripts this weekend while I await word on that thriller that could be all sorts of fun if all the pieces fall into place.  Also awaiting word on a couple of other projects – which is the norm in this business.  Waiting.  A lot of waiting.

Hey, you can turn around now. We finally got feedback!

So, what are your weekend plans?  Akemi and I will probably hit the farmer’s market tomorrow morning as is our custom – provided, of course, this stomach bug I am currently – and suddenly – battling magically disappears between now and then.  Not sure of the cause, but the list of suspects is a suspicious lot: either of those two new hot sauces I picked up last month, the leftover rapini, the chocolate-covered pecans, perhaps even the single serving vanilla ice cream from Hokkaido.   Other than that, maybe a little football-viewing.  My Snow Monkeys are dead in the water in one league, but looking very promising in the other where they have clawed their way back into playoff contention and third place.  Two more weeks to go, but I like our chances.


125 movies into this Horror Marathon and I have to wonder whether it’s a case of “They don’t make ’em like they used to” or “They don’t make ’em like I thought they used to”.  Last month, I watched a movie so offensively bad that I had to go online and retroactively block anyone who recommended it.  While I realize it may seem a little extreme, the truth is I have recently adopted a highly curated online experience that has seen my twitter block list swell to, let me see now….


I’d like to do something special for the 10 000th block.  How should I celebrate?

Today’s Yes/No…

3 thoughts on “December 2, 2022: It’s like Substack, but not on Substack!

  1. As far as the weekend I’m going to work on what right now is a short story inspired by the characters from Dark Matter. Then I’m going to take pictures of Christmas decorations. I have recently taken up the hobby of photography.

  2. Why are you blocking so many people? Are jerks swarming to you like flies? Do they disagree with you or you with them? I only block an occasional annoying repetitive commercial.

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