Every so often, the Shitanaga Uba will venture out for a nice dinner with the demonic Shunobon. But instead of going to Olive Garden, they’ll feast on humans – he, scaring them senseless; she, licking the flesh and blood off their bones with her impossibly long tongue. Art by @matthewmeyerart


If you’re hosting and notice food has started to mysteriously disappear, you may want to check to see if one of your guests is a Futakuchi Onna, a woman with a second mouth hidden in the back of her head. Another dead giveaway would be the tentacle-like movements of her hair.


Like most mysterious warriors, little is known of the Suika no Bakemono, the watermelon-headed samurai, outside of the fact that he hails from Osaka and is thus, in all likelihood, a Hanshin Tigers fan.  Art by Yosa Buson


If you’re a young, single man walking down a dark street and happen upon a beautiful young woman with long hair who smiles at you – DO NOT SMILE BACK. You should run away because she is probably a Harionago who will tear you apart with the hooked barbs at the tips of her hair.


Have you noticed that the lanterns around your house keep going out no matter how many times you re-light them? You blame the wind but, more than likely, you are the victim of a Hikeshi Baba, a white-haired old woman who wanders around town at night, blowing out lanterns.

Today’s Yes/No…

4 thoughts on “October 21, 2022: Your Handy Guide to Weird Yokay – and Dr. Pepper Bourbon!

  1. The main lesson I’m learning about all these weird Yokai is that I shouldn’t go out wandering the streets or woods at night and that I shouldn’t take any notice of pretty ladies. Good advice.

  2. Ok. I’m officially confused? (hmmmm, what else is new, eh!?)
    I thought Yokai fokelore was supposed to be about evil spirits possessing everyday objects and/or people. Usually with some kind of cautionary moral attached to each tale.
    i.e. If you let dust mites build up in room corners they’ll become possessed by evil spirits. Begin to multiply like tribbles. And eventually swallow you and your house up.
    Or, American Yokai -If you let a pumpkin grow beyond 25 lbs it’ll become possessed by an unstoppable vicious Greed Spirit. Grow as big as a house. And lead you to a life of ruin. And then of course there is yet another multinational version of Yokai
    entailing the evil sock eating clothes dryer demon.
    Albeit, The Shitanaga & Shunobon tale doesn’t seem to fit this??

  3. These stories are wonderful! The Dr Pepper bourbon, not so much.

    Big plans today? We’ll probably be heading to the zoo. It’s a beautiful day and not too hot. Can’t waste a day like this inside. 👋🏼

    Have a good one!

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