Tomorrow, I pitch my vision for the big screen adaptation of that awesome 2021 sci-fi game.  It’s one of those rare instances where I’m actually looking forward to a zoom call, in this case because I know I have a fantastic take.  I am confident, not necessarily that I’ll land the gig, but that if anyone BUT me lands the gig, it simply won’t be as good and I’ll have my passive-aggressive revenge.

Tomorrow’s attitude…


Please be advised.  These are the only “adorable kid” videos I can get behind…

Some news of note…

Today’s Yes/No…

How’s your week going?  Big weekend plans?

10 thoughts on “June 16, 2022: Pitch on deck!

  1. Interesting blog & tweets. Good luck on your pitch!

    I miss black licorice ice cream. Baskin Robbins had it for Halloween when I was a kid. Yum! (Black lips and all!) I haven’t seen it for 50 years.

  2. Good luck with the pitch! I’m quite intrigued to know which game it is. Sadly my computer isn’t capable of playing any modern games so I’m stuck replaying Portal, Half Life 2 and Minecraft. I’m OK with that.

    I like liquorice ice cream. Although my local gelateria doesn’t make theirs that black!

  3. Generally, your yes/no is a resounding NO! But in this case, I would eat licorice ice cream.

  4. Good luck with the pitch! I think you are due for some great news.

    No thanks on that ice cream, Not a fan of black liquorish. <— system didn’t say I can’t spell it that way.

    That lightening above… I’ve always imagined that is the way Trump is going to go. Don’t be standing next to him in a thunderstorm.

  5. Here’s a little something to help keep you in the right frame of mind for your pitch. XO
    This one makes me laugh every time.
    (watch whole vid to the end).

    Still feeling wiped out. Averaging three hour nap intervals last couple days.
    Hope to muster enough energy to post my navigating the world of retail jane questions tomorrow.

  6. Cool news/video links!

    I hope the pitch goes like you want it. 🤞🏻

    The week is going smoothly. It’s very hot here, so I’m skipping swimming to work on our yard this morning. Tuesday it was up to 102F. 🥵 I mowed Wednesday and got a little heat exhaustion.

    I’ve almost completed dismantling my stained glass window. I have to polish the pieces next and then tally how many need to be replaced. Finding replacement glass is my next hurdle.

  7. Good luck on the pitch!

    For the weekend, I’m headed over to PEI on Sunday for a Monday appointment at the Atlantic Vet College with Zoie, my parrot. Since late March, she’s been feather barbering and plucking, especially around her left wing, but lately everywhere. Local vets can’t figure out what might be wrong, so I got referred to the PEI facility, where there are specialists. They’re super busy, it’s taken since late April to get an appointment. I’m almost hoping it’s something physical and not emotional/habitual, since it would be easier to solve. Unless, it’s something serious of course, which I’m trying not to think about.

  8. May 30: “some incredible world building here in addition to some really great character work”
    June 02: “a character-driven narrative with heart and humor”
    June 10: “Action, adventure, heart, humor, twists, turns, and a terrific redemption arc”
    June 16: “2021”

    I think it’s Deathloop, you guys.

  9. Fingers crossed! Hope you get it!

    Simply beautiful! Now there’s a library that could possibly fit all my books.

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