Awwww,  man.  I’m at the “gaming challenge” portion of the outline and coming up with puzzles is NOT my forte.  I spent the morning reviewing some of the classics: timed doors, water levels, moving blocks, reflecting sunlight with strategically placed mirrors, and, of course, searching the room for the hidden password or combination.  After much brain bending, I came up with three suitable variations.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is I’m only in Act 2.

Speaking of gaming, I have a zoom this Thursday to discuss the adaptation of sci-fi video game.  After reading the deck, I spent a few hours watching gameplay and, have to say it, there’s some incredible world building here in addition to some really great character work.  They apparently want to discuss going the feature route but I can’t help but think this would make a really great series.

And speaking of adaptations, we’re about to lock the final piece into place on our Promise of Blood (Powder Mage) pitch and we’re aiming for an early summer pitch tour.

Hey, you know what I hate?  When you write a pilot and, soon after, a movie or t.v. series comes out with the exact same premise.  So, embittered, you shelf the script, forget all about it until eight years later when a production company reads it and wants to talk to you about it.  And you can’t help but wonder if, maybe, they just didn’t see that other movie/series.  Or, if they did and still want to move forward, that maybe all the buyers will draw the obvious comparisons.  Or, maybe, you can find a way to change the script enough to make it distinct, like Armageddon and Deep Impact or Turner & Hooch and K9 were completely different.

P.S. The truth is anything you write will be similar to something else.  I remember when the trailer for Dark Matter dropped, some complained: “Hey, this is just Pandorum: The Series”.  Fortunately, those people were not buyers.

You know what I also hate?  Mistaking your wife’s miso paste for your homemade peanut butter – and not realizing it until you try your protein shake.

Awaiting word on a few other scripts, a couple of other projects.  In the meantime, gotta say, I’m a little disappointed in some of the old team.  If I was grading – which I am – I’d give them an A-, two D’s, and a big fat F for F-fort.

Today’s Yes/No…

9 thoughts on “May 30, 2022: Hey! This is just like that other thing!

  1. “…a movie or t.v. series comes out with the exact same premise.”

    I wouldn’t worry about it Joe. Didn’t you see all the season finales last week? Seems every one of them had an explosion in it, trapping, hurting, almost killing, or making someone go missing (until next season of course). It was almost humorous.

    Okay well, I’m going to go watch the newer version of MacGyver on ION. Oh look, it say “After Oversight is almost killed in a bombing, he recruits Mac to help find the suspected bomber.”

    What did I just say? Don’t worry about it Joe.

  2. Wasn’t it Rob Cooper who wrote SG-1’s Avalon that had the series of puzzles in it? Hit him up for some more ideas!

    Funny you should mention “Armageddon” – I just this past week had the misfortune of seeing that movie for the second time (for reasons complicated to explain), after swearing I would never cast an eye upon it ever again after the first. And man, that movie is still one hot piece of trash. I literally still could not find one single redeeming thing about it.

    I would try the cola chips!

  3. Mannn, if you are talking about Horizon Zero Dawn. I’m hoping you get on that one, it is such an engaging story and a beautiful open world game. Crossing fingers if this is the project you are talking about 🙂

  4. Re: Blue Bell Southern Blackberry Cobbler Ice Cream

    My Mr. gives it 👍, just barely, as it reminds him of his favorite flavor, vanilla,

    I give it a solid 👍; not too sweet, more of a whipped-cream than vanilla flavor. Wondering how a version made with tangy Greek yogurt would taste. Might try sprinkling some lemon juice on my next serving.

    Have sent Joe a video review, which he’s welcome to post.

  5. Dark Matter is Pandorum: The Series in the same sense that Wonder Woman: The Series is the zeroth Men in Black movie…

  6. You’re so busy! Hopefully, pretty soon you can concentrate on producing a new show.

    I’m still dragging from that shingles shot but working my back. 🥱

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