Weekdays.  Weekends.  It’s al the same to me.  Such is the life of a freelance writer.

I sent my agents that feature script last week and am expecting them to read this weekend and get back to me next week with feedback and a possible preliminary game plan.  Their response – and turnaround time – will help me determine how I move forward on various fronts.

Switching gears to read an SF classic, one that may be on the verge of a screen adaptation.  By who?  THAT question is still up in the air and could well depend on my response to the book.

Speaking of adaptations, things continue apace on the Promise of Blood front.  An interesting development today that could add some wonderful complexity and heat to the project.

That sci-fi/kpop pilot has turned into a two script order.  Going to take a few days to deconstruct the story and add some more world building elements as well as more depth to the character backstories and journeys.  Had a terrific call on Thursday with someone very keyed into the metaverse and, with it, all things Kpop.  A potential great ally when the time comes to take the project out.

Following a discussion with a comic book company back in February, I put together three pitches for possible comic series.  Those went out last week and I look forward to which one of the wildly different arenas spark interest (if any): action adventure, horror, or science fiction.

Well, two months since I sent out a counter-counter-proposal to a production company’s counter-proposal.  I thought that, at the very least, it would engender a discussion but it’s been radio silence ever since.  This team has a habit of disappearing completely to the point I write them off only to pop up with a “Hey, sorry about.  Things’ve been crazy on this end.  Let’s talk!”.  IF they reach out 8+ weeks after the fact, this will mark the sixth time and – honestly.  As much as I like them on a personal level, I’m going to have to call an end to this professional relationship.  I have enough on my plate and don’t need the aggravation.

So, how’s your weekend going?

5 thoughts on “May 7, 2022: Projects update!

  1. My weekend is going great, sitting in my Ambulance at the Daytona International Speedway watching cars go round and round!

  2. Have had a lovely weekend, my birthday on Saturday, so we went out for a pub lunch with my parents, local scallops with salad and fries were delicious, hubby had a tasty steak sandwich, then amazing pizzas for dinner.
    Heaps of phone calls, and messages, plus a catchup with son, daughter in law and 15 month old grandson – who have colds, so didn’t get too close but grandson very happy to see us.
    Mothers day today here in Australia, so had coffee with mum and mother in law, and the late autumn weather was amazing! So, not a bad weekend at all!

  3. Had a very successful Free Comic Book Day yesterday! Got one of everything on the catalog.

  4. This May has been rough so far, everyone is either sick or going through huge upheavals; I know this is what life was like before Covid but Id’ gotten use to zen like updates from friends and fam. This weekend my self care was ranking the lightsabers in Fortnite. Luke’s saber outshone even Kylo Ren’s which made it the hardest to find in game. Mace Windu’s was very cool but no match for Kylo. Obi Wan’s was useless. .

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