How delightful.  My tweeted response to this cretinous article made the Daily Mail…

Eat lentils and let your pets die of cancer! Bloomberg is slammed for out-of-touch op-ed lecturing Americans earning less than $300,000 on how to beat inflation


Delightful.  I’m sort of famous now.

Seeing more and more of these asinine takes lately.  If I wasn’t the wholly trusting type, I’d suspect a covert social media campaign designed to run cover for some truly shitty policy decisions.

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How are you all enjoying inflation?  Taking advantage of those higher prices?  Uncluttering your life by downsizing?  Losing weight by not eating as much?  Do tell!

8 thoughts on “March 25, 2022: Hurray for inflation!

  1. I’m not sure if appearing in the Daily Fail makes you famous . . . infamous maybe?

    We rarely have a weekly grocery bill less than $100 now and there’s just two of us. We’ve definitely been eating less meat but that just means more potatoes, rice and pasta so it doesn’t help with the weight loss!

    Thankfully I’m not paying $2000 per year commuting to an office anymore! As long as the mortgage interest rates stay low we’ll be OK.

  2. Oh hey, this just in. Applebee’s restaurants say the higher cost of living is good news for them. They think people will be desperate for work in order to keep up and will accept lower paying jobs. So Applebee’s will be able to lower the wages they pay. They must be talking about people who need to get a 2nd or 3rd job just to afford groceries and gas. Most of their employees live paycheck to paycheck anyway. This was a “leaked” email of course.

    And how come the car dealers are not guilty of price gouging when they mark up a new vehicle more than $10,000 above suggested retail value?????

    Have we lost our freaking minds?!!

      1. This is why my communist friend Nate posts Facebook rants about capitalism making people sociopathic.

  3. Your tweet was the best take! I’m still chuckling. It’s either laugh or cry.
    Every xxxxx day the media has their gas lighting machine going. Then I read the comments and so many partisan hacks are agreeing with them! It is mind blogging.

    For how we’re handling it? We’re doing okay. Hubby works for a children’s hospital and they are still working remotely. I’m hoping that’s permanent. It’s about 30 miles to his work, so we’ve saved a lot in gas with him working from home.

    We have friends/family that are struggling and have been trying to help them out. So we’re very fortunate. Then again, I didn’t have a Bloomberg subscription, so that saved a far amount. 😉

    There is one item that I am having difficulty finding, Lucy’s cat food. They have plenty of the brands that make her puke, though. Monday, I’m trying a different store (I’ve checked two already), so wish me luck! I don’t want to face her without it. 😉

    Oh and that article about soy protein is phooey. A soy meat substitute is more expensive than ground beef.

  4. Don’t even get me started!! With everything I’ve been through these last 13 months. Although I am a fighter, I’m highly surprised I’m still breathing at all! With average rents having gone up 300 per month in Orlando, 400-500 in Miami, too many of us have more roommates and are getting much less space for the buck. With bases wages having only been raised a dollar and change and most local jobs only paying $11-13 per hour and a governor who refuses to participate in federal medicaid-medicare expansion, well … you do the math. It’s not sustainable. Especially not for an aging single woman trying to beat breast cancer and deal with an ongoing aggravated liver/bilirubin problem.

    This week has been the most exhausting of the entire last year. Out of desperation, I went against my lawyers advice and directly contacted the unemployed driver, with lapsed vehicle insurance, who hit me in January. Her mother answered the phone. Turns out it was the right call on my part.
    Her mother borrowed the remaining $300 from her out of state son, that i was coming up short to make rent arrears and meet April rent, and she drove me down to the court house to pay it.

    Have also secured housing shortly north of Newton, Massachusetts for May. Albeit to make the housing deposit I had to make the difficult decision to skip last remaining true point radiation session and cancel upcoming visits with primary care as well as the hepatology and breast oncology teams, because all require upfront office co-pays and cut into my scheduled work hours. I still fell short. but considering Massachusetts will reimburse for moving expenses, I was able to get a loan for the balance from a former neighbor who lives on savings and fixed social security income. I’ve spoken to a couple acquaintances and work colleagues in the Boston area. They assured me Massachusetts does much better than Florida at getting aid payments out to residents promptly, so my neighbor who was kind and compassionate enough to supply me the loan won’t have to wait three-four months to have the money placed back in her account.

    Last remaning hurdle is transportation to make the move north.
    I’m praying you guys can help me with that.

    I spoke to the gal who will be driving to Harvard from Orlando at the end of April and can fit me and my belongings in her Dodge Caravan. She wants $200 pitch in to make it worth her while. While she prefers her peace & privacy and is not comfortable sharing a motel room while were on the road, she does not seem to mind if I just camp out in the vehicle overnight. Albeit, Because she is due to begin her new job at the university on May 1st, we will be arriving in Massachusetts two days prior so she can unpack and get settled in.
    I spoke to the home owner who will be renting me a room there. He said while he is more than happy to let me unload and store my boxes in his garage upon arrival, his nephew is crashing on the couch until mid May so he would have no place to let me sleep for a couple nights.
    (The current tenant won’t be leaving until the morning of the 1st). Thus, I need to come up with $200 above what I’ll be paying upfront to driver Juanita, for a couple nights motel or Air bnb stay.
    Still, $400 total cost for shipping myself and belongings more than twelve hundred miles is drastically less than what I thought it would originally cost.

    So much Love and Gratitude to everyone who has gone above and beyond to help out over the last year.
    I could not have made it this far without you. XOXOXOXOXO
    Only one more month to go for this constant soul numbing nightmarish struggle to end.
    Then I can begin to more closely focus on the real fight with the proper targeted therapies I desperately need to kick this ILC’s ass to the curb!!

    Drea’s med fund:

    Venmo: dreacrysel (at gmail).

    I can also be reached via if anyone needs current residential address to amazon ship or U.S postal mail a contribution,
    such as a gift card.

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