Well, isn’t this interesting…

Only Amazon knows for sure, but I’d advise letting them know you’re still out there, Stargate fans.  Click on the link.  Give it a retweet.  Tell your friends to retweet as well.

Things will surely be moving forward.  Which “things” specifically?   That, I don’t know.  But I am cautiously optimistic.

Sooo, let’s celebrate with a plethora of Stargate: SG-1 concept art…Ep-6h-icon-sketch-command-center-door Ep-6h-icon-sketch-command-center Ep-6h-icon-sketch-fortified-corridor Ep-7h-covenant-alpha-site-gateroom Ep-7h-covenant-colson-office-int-3 Ep-7h-covenant-hangarmatte01 Ep-7h-covenant-hanging-p-38-model Ep-7h-covenant-intalpha-site-hanger3 Ep-7h-covenant-intalpha-site-hangera Ep-7h-covenant-intalpha-site-hangerc Ep-7h-covenant-norco-alfasite-plan Ep-7h-covenant-norco-alfasite-sect

8 thoughts on “More Stargate? Yes/No

  1. Ooohhhh! That is definitely a step forward. I have my fingers crossed. For what it’s worth, I just misspelled the end of that line and autocorrect changed it to “my Emmy”. It’s a sign, I tell you!

  2. When I saw the news on the Spoiler TV blog, my first thought was to wonder how this might affect a Stargate revival.

  3. Just sent out a bunch of retweets. We need another tweet storm!

    Thanks once again for posting the cool concept art!

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