10 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern…

  1. Seems fair. I would totally buy in.

    I mean emotionally, of course. I don’t have that kind of money!

  2. Have you seen “Inventing Anna” or “Drop out”? Those two ladies raised millions! Elizabeth Holmes had several large pharmacies investing in a product that didn’t work and Anna Delvey had a huge bank ready to hand over 40 million to a unknown con person. If those two can accomplish so much with no product, and very little education, you’re a shoe in!

    Did you visit any burger joints through the weekend?

    A friend from Nashville stayed with me a few days and we ate constantly. I’m still full but it was fun.

    1. I haven’t watched either, but was just talking about the story behind Inventing Anna last night. Interesting.

      No new burger joints. Yet.

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