The weekend is finally upon us!  What are you all up to?  For me, it’s a script polish, some stock research, and maybe pick up a couple of covid tests ahead of our trip to Montreal later in the week.

Guys!  The future is now!

I’d probably need a sun lamp…

Meanwhile, in North Korea…

Today’s Yes/No…

I actually had the peanut butter ice cream AND the Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp.  The verdict?  Think I’ll stick to straight up peanut butter ice cream next time.

From the Stargate vault…

Screen-shot-2021-12-15-at-124535-pm Screen-shot-2021-12-15-at-124545-pm Screen-shot-2021-12-15-at-124557-pm Screen-shot-2021-12-15-at-124610-pm Screen-shot-2021-12-15-at-124628-pm

3 thoughts on “December 17, 2021: News of Note!

  1. North Korea…not much to add to that post. No matter how bad we “think” we have it, it’s nothing like what the NK people are dealing with. 🙁 I’ll take first world problems any day!

    As for Siberia, I can’t imagine living in that place! I suppose you would acclimate somewhat. Burrrr

    My hubby/son have an Oculus. Apparently, it takes some time to get acclimated to that, also. Hubby staggers around like a drunk after playing. I might try it one day but since I wear glasses, I believe that would detract from some of the fun.

    Not much going on here this weekend. It’s raining, so no outside stuff. After I treadmill, we’ll probably grab lunch and watch movies or something on the couch. Lucy enjoys movie time.

    Have a safe and fun trip! Oh, and I’d like to place an order for some wonderful food pictures from your Mom’s kitchen. Please and Thank you!

  2. I’m still laughing at em but also alittle sad to think if holodecks existed people would be running into the walls. I’m trying not to think of ice cream right now, instead I got more of the low sugar Smart Sweets, the Cola Gummies are the right sweetness and gumminess, Peach Rings are fun.

    I’m waiting for more Station Eleven, I like my apocalypse shows to have heart. Dammit now I’m thinking about ice cream again.

  3. I was in Iqaluit in the early 1980s (in Mid-march, mind you, so there was about half a day of sunlight for my eastern Ontario skin) and man was it COLD! It was -30C with a wind chill that felt like -50C. I admire anyone who can stand those temperatures and I still don’t know how the Iqalummiut can live there. I admire them immensely.

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