Today, I finally resumed my Japanese language studies.  I’m aiming for one, maybe two lessons a day on my ay to being conversational by the time we’re allowed to travel back to Tokyo.  I’ve also started Beginner’s Korean.  Given the current pace of development, I suspect I’ll be fluent by the time my sci-fi/kpop series is green lit.

Dinner tonight with super-producer J.B. Sugar, the ever-busy, eminently huggable Roger Cross, and, perhaps, the ever-entertaining, delightfully loquacious Anthony Lemke.

Have decided to wind down my podcast guesting and script reading.  I will, of course, honor my pre-existing commitments but once they’ve been completed, I am officially DONE.

Today’s Yes/No

From the SG-1 season 4 vault…

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6 thoughts on “August 14, 2021: The hardest part of blogging is having to come up with a new entry title EVERY SINGLE DAY!

  1. I hardly ever leave reviews because I can’t think of a header or title. 😳
    Glad to see life is filling up that you feel ready to drop things.

  2. I’ve seen your podcast guesting for Dark Matter Mondays and Stargate Mondays but not script reading, and Googling “Joseph Mallozzi”, “script reading” doesn’t return any results. Can you please give or link an example?

    I hope you had a great dinner with Roger and Anthony, and Mr. Sugar! That’s all beautifully colored concept art!

  3. Any stories you can share from your dinner with the guys? Nice getting out again, yes?

    Yes, to the lettuce!

    Have a wonderful Suji Sunday!

  4. What is the white block ingredient in the Shu Mai? If it’s tofu, no thank you. Other recipes look intriguing. I wish this one had used a more nutritious lettuce variety.

    Dinner sounded fun! Good for you!

    Again, thanks for sharing the incredible concept artwork!

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