Okay, finally got that limoncello recipe (posted Thursday) sorted out.  For some reason, Akemi is feeling particularly ambitious so we picked up some 94% proof (!) Alcool and will be going shopping for organic lemons this afternoon.  40 days soaking followed by 20 days freezing should make this batch-ready in time for my birthday.  Also, thinking of other versions we can try: orange, yuzu, maybe even sudachi?

It writes itself!

Are you adventurous?  Enjoy traveling?  Have an active imagination?   Well, this may be the job for you…

Today’s Yes/No…

A resounding MEH from me on both the pop tarts and the peach.

From the Stargate vault…

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8 thoughts on “August 7, 2021: Limoncello, Asteroids, Pseudo Mars, and Stargate!

  1. I have a long-term plan for mining asteroids. I haven’t seen the vehicles I need in any science fiction so either no one has thought of the concept yet or they’re just too ugly even for a novel.

  2. No one could have ever told me there’d be days like these. And now that I’m in em,
    if you’re waiting for me to say something wise, graceful, or brave …
    just a friendly reminder, holding one’s breath too long can result in resembling Violet Beauregarde’s face
    after she beta tested Willy Wonka’s full course meal bubble gum.

    Hi All. Apologies for the long delay between updates. Thank you all so much for your kind notes offering words of encouragement, prayers and abundant jokes to help keep me laughing during this extraordinarily diffict time. It has made all the difference in the world to know there are people who do still genuinely care and to not have to go through this completely alone. I miss you, love and appreciate you guys always and always more than words could ever say. As I’m sure we all suspected it would be, these last couple months have been rough. I made it through the first surgery. Left breast amputation and underarm lymphnodes. Some complications, and extnded removal of surrounding area, followed by a rather nasty infection, of which I am only now recovering. Also, currently working my way through a bout of depression. It’s not helping that my laptop is on its last leg, internet service here has been spotty and i seriously struggle trying to type anything on the tiny keypad on my phone. Also not helping is the extremely contagious, quicker to cause serious-critical illness, Delta variant that had plagued India in May, now overwhelming Florida. Too few are masking up and far too many fully vaccinated people with underlying conditions are landing in the hospital for it to be considered a so called “rare breakthrough infection” that some state govs and CDC are trying to downplay it as. Even a trip to the grocery store has once again become hazardous for me. Unfortunately, the current governor is so deadly set against allowing local mask or other health and safety mandates, he has gone so far as to threaten to pull funding from any school districts and local mayors that attempt to enforce a mask policy. Spending most of any free time I get reading whatever i can find of interest via the local library, or sleeping, while locked away in my little 8×10 windowless room space i’ve been paying several hundred per month for in this rooming house, where i share one compact size bathroom with 4 other people (soon to be 5 others when the home owner’s daughter moves in with us). But still breathing. Grateful for that. I suppose I could try pretending my windowless cramped living arrangement is to help prepare me for applying to NASA’s Mars habitat experiment. Currently doing my best to just stay offline as much as possible and trying to find calm and joy in the little things to keep my stress levels down and spirit up. Most days it feels as if the bureaucracy and political attitudes of this state will kill me much quicker than cancer ever could.

    Out of serious concern for putting my liver through any further stress, now unfortunately, also one of my kidneys, as well as my need to be able to maintain work outside the home to keep a steady paycheck coming, and a safe, dry, roof over my head, doctors and my medical case workers have very strongly recommended i receive targeted chemo at home. That I have not been able to qualify for as much in Fl, we had to send appeals out of state. Massachussets has now pre qualified me as a candidate. It will likely take 3-4+ months to find me proper, sustainable, housing, job, a home health aid, and other such additional requirements imposed, and, as is standard procedure, doctors will need to evaluate me in person and run their own tests before final approval. Albeit, the good news is MA offers much much better medical care with excellent onchologists. The state fully complies with the federal medicaid/medicare expansion which will get me fully covered insurance wise and there are dozens of charities there to get me a low or no cost home health aid during chemo rounds to help out, aside from a registered home nurse that would quickly come if any side effects become serious enough. And once i have established an MA address I will be able to obtain rental assistance. All of which I have already been pre qualified for to ensure a smooth transition, upon arrival. There are also much better housing options available and wages start higher than here so i’ll be able to obtain a full apartment for roughly the same amount i am now paying for this walk in closet sized space with a house full of roommates. After residing in a state that has shown little concern for individual health and safety and only said sorry and gave me the address of a local homeless shelter when i was forced to vacate my previous residence of 3 yrs, upon the homeowners unexpected death, in the middle of a pandemic, while rents skyrocketed and wages not raised enough to meet the costs, and scraping the bottom of barrel in medical care, because the state refuses to comply with medicaid/medicare expansion, I am very much looking forward to getting back to a slightly more dignified existence.

    In the mean time,
    Grateful some personal food restrictions have been lifted. A kind, thoughtful, neighbor brought me a delicious bagel with cream cheese n lox this morning. Also grateful for a couple angels trying to raise money offline to get me some things I need. Such as a better prosthetic, considering i will not likely medically qualify for reconstruction surgery for 10-12 months and the undergarments and prosthesis supplied to me aren’t doing too well at helping me look natural or even, which has destroyed my self confidence in public settings. I also need better pain creams, and a portable/foldable motorized bicycle, (that i can easily take with me when i make the move north), to help me get around a bit easier here and increase the area i can traverse in a reasonable amount of time to improve my odds of being able to land full time work hours and keep a roof over my head until its time to move. I dont drive and am having a seriously difficult time getting around on my manual pedal bicycle. I’ve only been able to land reasonably safe, part time, work in my immediate neighborhood. Every cent i make has gone into covering housing rent, upfront medical co-pays, and clean drinkable water, with nothing left over. Thus, better transportation to obtain more work hours will considerably ease the burden. The original plan was to purchase an inexpensive motor kit online to retrofit my current bicycle but after bringing the bicycle to two different mechanics it does not appear to be the right solution. If any one can pitch in to help it’d be tremendously appreciated.

    Venmo: DreaCrysel. if it asks for user email, enter my username + gmail.com
    Medical fundraiser link on the new platform: fundrazr.com/d1rUX1

    Virtual hugs today to blog sibs in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama & Tn
    Hope everyone is staying safe and well.

  3. Ooh … Looking forward to the delicious offerings at Akemi’s cafe + Joe’s bar on Joe’s birthday this year! 😁

  4. I bet that Peach Pop Tart would be good. I get the Cinnamon no Frosting kind every now and then. That is my favorite.

    NASA looking for people to pretend to live on Mars? I feel I’ve seen this movie before…

    That Limoncello is a lot of waiting. It should be interesting when your’s is finally ready.

  5. “A Hundred Days” is one of my favorite episodes! Thanks for sharing the concept artwork.

    Not a Pop Tart fan no matter the flavor, so I’ll pass.

    Not interested in pretending to be a Martian, either, although I’ve already spent more than a year in isolation, so one more hardly matters to me.

    As for the pricey asteroid, I don’t care from whence it came. What really matters is figuring out how to capture and mine it. We need the money to pay for all of Ditzy Joe’s big infrastructure plans!

  6. Akemi won’t regret making limoncello. I have a lemon and a lime version in my freezer. I’ll try the recipe you shared with the cream added. Thank you for posting it and for your Mom’s neighbor for sharing it. Also, the limoncello cookie recipe I shared are fantastic!

    It’s been busy here. The heat is rising and today is yard day. Wish me luck! I might be on the living room floor under the ceiling fan soon. 🥵

    Drea send me an email and said she was getting a long post ready for you. It sounds like she’s been having a rough go of it. So, if anyone out there is into prayers/good wishes, send some her way, please.

    I’ve been experimenting with cocktails since I got back from my girls trip. Yesterday, I made my first mojito and it was delicious! I made a simple syrup with mint (from my garden) and limes, and I have plenty for future drinks. I might try a Bushwhacker today.

    Yes, my mind is all over the place this morning. Blame my son for bringing donuts over. He knows my weakness. 😉

    Have a great Suji Sunday!

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