The start of the week just isn’t the same without the Dark Matter Monday stream with the gang at Orville Nation.  But, for Stargate fans, there’s THIS –

I won’t be a regular panelist on this one, but I WILL make it a point to drop by.  And you should too!

Today’s Yes/No…

This one’s a double no for me – and a double yes for Akemi.

Sent off an expanded pitch for that sci-fi superhero cloak and dagger series yesterday.  A fun premise with a colorful cast of characters as our unlikely protagonists.  This was actually the third of the three show ideas I submitted and, surprisingly, the chosen favorite.  It’s always the one you least expect.

Tomorrow, it’s a rare second shot as we re-pitch a new take of that classic science fiction television series.  The original was trippy, but our version is going to downright psychedelic sci-fi.

Got the first batch of concept sketches for Project F from the amazing Henry Fong.  Some really stunning work from Henry, including: First World Corporate Headquarters in GangNam, Jayu Stadium, the tricked out pods (!), various designs for The Citadel, the Embarkation Chamber (That is, frankly, even cooler than I had originally envisioned), Second World, and some character designs (including some wicked weapons).  These images will eventually be incorporated into our pitch deck and bible…and to this blog, eventually.  Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “June 20, 2021: Stargate Mondays, Natto Ice Cream, Pitches and Projects!

  1. I was wondering what was missing yesterday morning and now I realise what it was! No Dark Matter discussion! I will tune in to the Stargate one when I can!

    Your classic sci-fi TV series is driving me nuts! Trippy . . . hmmmmm. “The Prisoner”? It would be ambitious to remake that! “Lost In Space” has already been done. “Space 1999”? They’ve tried recently but I’m not sure if anything came of it. “Land Of The Giants”? That has great possibilities. “Time Tunnel”? I do love me some time travel! Am I getting warm?

  2. Wait a minute…,embarkation chamber..,.that’s sounds an awful lot like the official name for…. The GATE ROOM…..what sneakiness are you up to ? gives Joe his best Gibbs stare

  3. Is the bear line from one of your new projects?

    I’m not a coffee drinker, so No from me on the ice cream.

    Woot! Nice that you’re projects are gaining traction.

  4. If the Dark Matter miniseries is starting years after the Season 3 finale like you said on the podcast, then that would actually be good for bringing One back (either to the ship or as head of CoreLactic), ’cause you wouldn’t need to make it happen during the ongoing story, just say that it already did.

    It’s sad that Six will have missed the crew’s first collective “birthday” (re-birthday?), though. Which reminds me, I liked how the subtitle of the graphic novel was Rebirth and that bit about the priests who believe in cycles of birth, death and rebirth at the beginning.

    Marc’s show Good Witch was cancelled last week, which could be a good sign.

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