#10. Ready To Love – Seventeen

Celebrating their sixth year on the Kpop music scene with this terrific track off their eight mini album.

#9. Poison – Pink Fantasy

These ladies rock hard, giving Dreamcatcher a run for their money.

#8. Moonshot – NFllying

One of my favorite Korean indie rock bands back with another solid track off another solid album.

#7. Damage – JustB

Former Fave Boys, Play M Boys, and Bluedot Boys make a splash with this debut track.

#6. Chi Mat Ba Ram – Brave Girls

Much love for the ladies whose improbable comeback continues with this terrific track off their new Summer Queen album.

#5. RiBBon – Bam Bam

GOT7‘s maknae makes his solo debut and hits it out of the park with this gem off the EP of the same name.

#4. Secreto – Yezi

One of Kpop’s most underrated artists. Huge fan.

#3. Vamos – Omega X

My favorite debut of the month comes from this 11 member group.

#2. Paint the Town – Loona

Speaking of favorites – Loona is back!

#1. Africa – Jeong Min

Agree?  Disagree?  What did I miss?

One thought on “Top 10 K-Pop Tracks of June, 2021

  1. Often when listening to English music, the thing that puts me right off are the absolutely atrocious lyrics.
    I’ll happy to hum along to melodies, but when bad lyrics get in the way, they can really put a dampener on a good choon.

    Which often makes me wonder, just many of the JPop/KPop/CPop that I listen to actually have really terrible lyrics, that I simply don’t know about..?
    No matter.. carries on humming along

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