Akemi (angrily): Dennit!

Me: Hunh?

Akemi (shaking her fist to convey anger): Dennit.  You know.  Dennit?

Me: You mean “damnit”?

Akemi: Wut???


I’m being stalked by a deranged rabbit.

Img_0928 Img_0936

Shades of Donnie Darko!

Today’s Yes/No…

I mean sure.  Why not?



I bet someone could make a nice living as a freelance proofreader for clearly in-over-their-heads spammers.

From the Stargate vault…Stuff!

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7 thoughts on “July 9, 2021: Stargate, Yes/No, Spell-Checking Spammers, and Deranged Rabbits!

  1. That’s funny; I am a freelance editor & proofreader but I certainly wouldn’t help spammers. I like being able to identify them by their grammatical mistakes.

  2. Once again, stunning concept artwork. The baboon and the vo’cum device are especially nice. Thanks for sharing!

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