Tonight!  I’ll be joining these amazing people to talk about The Fast and The Furious series…

On to today’s covers…

X-Men #1 – cover art by Carmen Nunez Camero, Juan Cabal


X-Men #1 – cover art by Doaly


Vengeance of Vampirella #19 – cover art by Ben Oliver


Batman #110 – cover art by Jock


Future State: Batman, the Dark Detective – cover art by Dan Mora


The Next Batman: Second Son #4 – cover art by Jorge Molina


Godkiller: Tomorrow’s Ashes #1 – cover by Nen


Laughing Under the Clouds Vol. 2 – cover art by Karakara Kemuri

So, which were your FAVES?

5 thoughts on “July 7, 2021: Amazing Covers! But first, some Fast and the Furious!

  1. Your selections are awesome! I have nothing to add this week.

  2. Hello!
    I have two questions please!

    I noticed a lot of “parallels” in the writing of the episodes, either in the same scene, or in the same episode, or sometimes the same scenes but in distant episodes.

    I realized that the character of Rodney McKay has a lot of similarities with Samantha Carter:
    has a little brother/sister, they don’t get along well together at first.
    have different first names from their gender “Rodney > Meredith”, “Samantha > Sam” (because her father wanted a boy)
    blue Jell-o for both of them
    Mckay doesn’t know if something will take him 5 minutes or 50 years. Samantha always needs more time.
    Episode SG1 “Grace” & SGA “Grace under pressure”
    they both destroyed a solar system.

    My first question:
    Is my theory that these two characters were written the same?

    My second question is about Jim / Anubis / Jack:
    Did Daniel know that Anubis is called “Jim” between 6×22 and 7×01, and that’s why Daniel calls “Jack” > “Jim” because he would have confused the two since they look alike:

    In SG1 8×19:
    JIM Had to find out for yourself last time, too. Man, were you pissed.
    DANIEL You are Anubis.

    7×01: DANIEL(mumbles to the table whilst smiling)Thanks, Jim.[O’Neill looks taken aback and a little upset. He looks at Carter for her reaction and she tries to hide a grin].
    7×01: DANIEL yeah, well, like I already told Jim-CARTERUh, Jack.DANIEL Jack? Yeah, I told him…
    7×01: Daniel: So Sam everything I know I already told Jim.Sam: Jack.

    8×19: JIM Yeah. This pie is great
    3×16: O’NEILL Try the pie.
    DANIEL(with his mouth full)This is the best pie I’ve ever had.
    CARTERWhat’s so different about it?
    O’NEILLSame old pie.

    8×19: JIM Ooh, hey, Danny-boy, you see the paper?
    2×18: DANIEL/O’NEILL Danny-boy.
    2×03: O’NEILL(in an Irish brogue)Well, ya actually won a fight, Danny-boy.

    Thank you!!!

    1. Robert C. Cooper would be in a better position to answer these questions as he created Rodney and wrote these episodes.

  3. My dog is a tyrant and my family is her slave. She barked at me to draw my attention to her eating area. She shoved an empty, black bowl in my direction with one paw, then touched the silver bowl with her nose.

    Me: “Oh, G put the soft food on top of the dry food instead of in the black bowl.”

    My husband called G in and said, “so how are you going to solve that?” G poured the soft food into the black bowl. Soft and hard food separated well. The dog then happily ate her properly “plated” soft food.

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