Later today – tune in for our very last Dark Matter Monday session with the gang at Orville Nation.  We’ll be discussing the series finale (for now) “Nowhere To Go” and could see one (maybe two!) special guests make an appearance.  DON’T miss it or, as Akemi would say, you will be regret!

Speaking of Dark Matter…

Joseph Mallozzi Is Developing A Dark Matter Miniseries

Interesting, no?

In response to a comment over on the Dark Matter subreddit –


Have a few other things on my plate at the moment, but the wheels are turning…

Today’s Yes/No…

A resounding YES from me.  So much so that I may make it later this week – and maybe a garlic side tart to accompany it!

Oh, hey, did I mentioned you DO NOT want to miss tonight’s Dark Matter Monday finale? I did?  Okay then.  See you there!

7 thoughts on “July 5, 2021: Dark Matter news!

  1. Don’t tease me, Joe! I hate to get my hopes up until something is completely official! Wait, never mind, they’re already up. This is pretty exciting news!

    Once in a while the internet algorithm seems to come together and on the same day that you post about shallot pie, YouTube suggests this Mr. Weebls video on my timeline.

  2. This is so encouraging! As an aside, I wonder if he’s related to my old neighbors the Firestones. Fingers crossed that it’s closer to 8 than 6 (if not more)! Too much to hope that it could lead to another miniseries condensing the planned Season Five?

    Shallots always make me think of the poem about the Lady of Shallot. Which was part of an Anne of Green Gables miniseries. And Marc Bendavid played Anne’s son in another Anne of Green Gables miniseries. I wasn’t even expecting that chain of thought.

  3. That was a nice reunion with Android / Dr Shaw and Two / Portia. 😍

  4. Here’s hoping! I would be ecstatic to get some kind of Dark Matter closure.

  5. I (and many others) would be very happy to see the return of “Dark Matter”. I hope it happens!

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