First stop was Big Trouble Pizza (235 Spadina Avenue) for their Tuesday (and only Tuesday) smashburger with cheese, onions, lettuce, ketchup, and pickles served with a side of banana pepper.


One of my very favorites in Toronto, a city with some truly standout burger joints.


Next stop was Rudy’s (69 Duncan Street) for THEIR smash burger – served with lettuce, tomato, and Rudy’s sauce.  This one is also great.  While I preferred the shredded lettuce and onions of the Big Trouble, and felt the Rudy’s sauce a little heavy, the Rudy’s burger patty is outstanding with its thing and crispy ends.

We walked around for a couple of hours in the hot sun, then I came home and passed out for an hour.


Hey, look at what came in the mail!


A chocolate shipment from Sirene Chocolate in Victoria, BC.

Think I may skip dinner tonight.

In case you missed it last night – Actor Sean Cullen!  Director Craig David Wallace!  The Orville panel!  Dark Matter!

Finally, I leave you with some of the Stargate video playback files I discovered in a remote corner of my laptop’s attic…

4 thoughts on “June 8, 2021: Chocolate, Smashburgers, and Stargate Playback!

  1. I like to relay your food & burger adventure stories to my husband, so he can live vicariously through you.
    With today’s post, he commented: “Well, Toronto IS metric-NYC, food-wise.”
    I’m glad you & Akemi had a good day.

  2. You are definitely living your best life! Wish I could tag a long on your food adventures.

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