Akemi and I embarked on a bit of a food tour today, accompanied by our foodie friend, Dr. Blackjack.


First stop was Matty’s Patty’s Burger Club (923a Queen Street West).  I ordered two singles with two different sauces – the Matty’s Patty’s sauce (mustard, mayo, ketchup, diced onions and pickles) and the spicy ketchup sauce (ketchup, white onion, La Bomba, black pepper).


Crispy 3 oz smash burgers with American cheese served on sesame milk buns.  Delicious.

From there, we took  walk over to Nadege Patisserie (780 Queen Street West) where I stocked up on one of my favorite chocolates bars –


The Q (Quatre Noix – Four Nuts), a milk chocolate bar studded with pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds and pecans.

From there, it was a relative short walk to Sanko (730 Queen Street West), our local Japanese konbinya, where we picked up a few necessities…

Specifically, Royce nama chocolates in three flavors: matcha, chocolate covered matcha, and chocolate-covered praline.

From there, we headed down the Stackt Market on Bathurst and my new favorite ice cream shop, Pandoughra’s Box (28 Bathurst St Unit 3-122).  They recognized me and already knew what I was getting…


Boozy ice cream flavors: Chocolate Bourbon and Whiskey Salted Caramel.

After dropping the pints off at home, it was a 40 minute trek up to Tokyo Hot Fried Chicken (656 College St)…


….for the Nashville Ice (spicy fried chicken and vanilla ice cream on a brioche bun)…


…which come with a complimentary pair of eating gloves.  Yes, it does get a tad messy.

Dinner tonight was a bowl of sautéed snow pea leaves.

The Batman’s Greatest Villain Tournament (1960’s edition!) concluded.  And the winner is…

9 thoughts on “June 3, 2021: The Food Tour!

  1. I’m drooling 🤤. Those look incredible! I’m happy it was a good experience.

  2. Oh wow, that four nut chocolate bar sounds incredible. Actually, they all look incredible and now I’m very hungry. It brings to mind that food truck tour from 2012 (I think it was?) I need to get back to Vancouver so badly!

    Well, of course Julie N won!

  3. LOL What a horribly provocative clip for Catwoman! I’m surprised that made it past the censors of that era in TV. I remember her as promoting her sexiness, but I had forgotten just how much. Thanks for the laugh!

    Goodness! You and what army ate all that food? Since the pandemic began, my food choices have been very limited and sometimes sparse in quantity. Your feast looked absolutely delicious! Eat some for me, please! Boozy ice cream for the win!

  4. Ah … Good to know you weren’t given the “green juice” for dinner. LOL

  5. Wait, ice cream and fried chicken? Never heard of that combination. Any good?

    I like the idea of the 4 nut chocolate! I might try that combination next time I’m making some bars. Are the nuts incorporated into the chocolate or just sprinkled on top? I can’t tell from the photo.

    Pandoughra’s Box looks amazing! I’ve been cooking a lot of NY style cookies over the last 18 months. They were my lockdown staple. I might steal some of their flavour ideas!

  6. I want that smash burger! Now!!

    I think it should have been the Riddler…

  7. The Q chocolate looks delightful, I may order some to enjoy with season 4 of Star Trek Discovery which I’m hearing is very Q-centric. Thanks for a fun foodie blog, it reminds me of the before times, and it’s a nice reminder of the better times still to come.

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