Hurry!  You have less than 24 hours to cast your vote in the Greatest Batman Villain (1960’s t.v. edition!) Tournament final!

It’s Frank Gorshin’s Riddler…

Versus Julie Newmar’s Catwoman…

Who ya got?

Fancy a swim?

In case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s raucous discussion of Dark Matter Episode 308, Hot Chocolate, with special guest – director John Stead…

Today’s Yes/No…

Reminds me of the Dean & DeLuca pistachio-matcha latte I had the last time I was in Tokyo.  Deeeelicious!

Goodies from the Stargate vault…

Sg1_1ep15_16b Sg1_2ep15_16b Sg1_3ep15_16b Sg1_4ep15_16b Sg1_5ep15_16b

4 thoughts on “June 1, 2021: Batman, Dark Matter, Stargate, and Pistachio Lattes!

  1. I think I voted early for the Riddler. I forgot I voted then came upon this again later and then I think I voted for Catwoman having forgotten I already voted for Riddler. I watched as a child. All the villains were pretty irritating.

  2. The infamous head Hugger! Lovely Fifth Race concept artwork. Thank you!

    Pitting Catwoman against the Riddler almost isn’t fair. Of course Julie Newmar’s sexy portrayal of Catwoman is going to win over Frank Gorshin’s incredibly original creation of a character almost from scratch. Sex vs. creative genius. Meh! Sci-fi is still a male dominated genre.

    And nope. Not getting into a pool dangling in the air. Too many things can go wrong.

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