Was walking by Forno Cultura the other day and glimpsed these in the windows so, of course, I had to pick them up.  These were an Easter tradition growing up in my Italian household – giant hollow chocolate eggs containing surprises (sometimes toys but usually more chocolate eggs).    Then, at Christmas, it used to be these weird but compulsively edible chocolate-oil products…


Nutella, meanwhile, was an all year thing and smoked oyster sandwiches usually reserved for late night snacking.

So, what foods remind you of your youth?

Today’s Yes/No…

I’ve got news for you.  It’s delicious.

A couple of podcasts you may have missed…


8 thoughts on “March 11, 2021: Childhood treats, Stick Toffee Cheddar, and more Podcasts!

  1. That chocolate egg sounds great – and has me considering going to the Beta5 site and ordering up one of theirs. That dang shipping, though.

    Icy Squares were one of my favourite treats at Christmas as long as I can remember. For many years into adulthood, it just wasn’t Christmas without them, though I seem to have not bothered the last few. Those and Ganong’s “Chicken Bones”, were must haves at our house! I never did quite get the fascination that my parents had with “Barley Toys”, but we seemed to get those every Christmas too. Too big to eat at once, they invariably got left as a sticky mess on a table or somewhere. I want to wash my hands just thinking about them!

  2. Foods that remind me of my youth, in order of recollection:

    “German Raspberries” and just about anything else from The Fudge Shoppe.

    Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese

    Italian sausage & peppers sandwiches at the Flemington (NJ, USA) Fair

    Just about anything grown in Daddy’s garden and cooked in Mommy’s kitchen…except liver.

  3. PS for Joe: I’ve wanted to send you Fudge Shoppe goodies for years, but my friends there tell me shipping cost to CAN is exorbitant.

  4. Icy Squares and a Lifesavers”book” were staples in my Xmas stocking but it’s Rockets that always take me back to trick or treating.

  5. The Reagan cheese was pretty awesome. When you’re poor, whatever you can eat all you want of becomes comfort food, so maybe it was terrible, I wouldn’t know. Even stale tortilla chips we got at a warehouse for $0.12 per pound were an okay memory even though I ate so many I thought I could feel chip oil trying to seep out of my arms and that I could taste tortilla chips with my whole body.

  6. I’m intrigued by the Icy Squares. What makes them icy?

    I’d give sticky toffee cheese a go. Salted caramel is a thing so salty cheese with sweet toffee should work! I used to live not far from Melksham where Coombe Castle cheese is made but I’ve never heard of it!

    Milk Bottle lollies (sweets/candies) are probably my most nostalgic sweet. I used to buy a 20c bag of them from the school tuck shop each morning and eat them throughout the day.

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