7 thoughts on “February 14, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. Joe, thank you so much!
    And to all my loving blog siblings,
    I am overwhelmed, humbled and grateful beyond words at your kindness and generosity
    and to know you guys have my back to help me get thru this extraordinarily difficult time.
    You guys are amazing!

    I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as i continue to work day and night toward re-stabilizing the situation and getting my life and livelihood back on track.

    Sending love to all, today and always

    xo -Drea

  2. Nothing better and more relaxing on a Sunday than Suji coupled with Akemi’s delightful giggle!

    By the way, I am holding my own and doing way better than some people. Getting ready for an ice storm, but I am a blessed person overall and I don’t take that for granted.

    Thank you for continuing to be a bright spot in our days!

  3. It was interesting reading posts from your last blog. (How are you all doing?). I hope everyone has a healthy and happy 2021. I’m trying to focus on the positives. We are very fortunate not to have lost our income and have stayed in good health. Which is really all anyone can ask for.

    I’m very concerned for Drea. I can’t imagine the stress she’s under and I’m praying life turns her way this year. So please, blog readers, spread her gofundme link around. When I can get to the store again, I will mail her a goodie.

    There’s a couple of inches of snow and ice today in Northern Mississippi/Memphis, TN area. On the bright side (which I’m trying desperately to cling to), we have plenty of food and a warm house.

    Here’s something that has never happened in our household, I helped my computer, guru hubby with a computer/tablet problem. His iPad died and I had to help him go through customer support (yay Applecare). He’s a PC guy in an apple world. Fish out of water. 😉 I’ll cherish the memory because it will never happen again. He has a mac for work but he really hates it.

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