Whew!  I spent the entire day following the Robin Hood fiasco – institutional investors and insiders suddenly changing the rules because they were getting beaten at their own game by a bunch of regular investors on reddit.  I was utterly amazed at how brazen they were in their seemingly illegal actions, shutting down the ability to trade in certain stocks, indifferent to the optics or the potential fallout.

But will there even be a fallout beyond the pending lawsuits?  Politicians talk a big game, expressing plenty of outrage on twitter, but I’ll be interested to see how much back bone they truly have when the time comes.


How about a little Yes/No…

The worst part of being a writer is the waiting.  You complete your overview, outline, or script, and send it out, and then you stand by for notes.  The first few days are great because your days are free and you can focus on other aspects of your life but, as the days stretch into a week, and then more than a week, you start to wonder: What is taking so long?  How many notes are they amassing?  Are they already in negotiations with a new writer?  And, as more time passes, you begin to second-guess those creative choices.  Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten rid of the mysterious murder?  Maybe I should have included the scene where Dran gets thrown out of the moving car.  Maybe I should have suggested that Boys Republic song over that second AleXa track.  Or maybe I’m overthinking things and they simply haven’t had time to read it.

I’m sure they’ll get back to me shortly…


7 thoughts on “January 28, 2021: Robbin’ Hood! Yes/No! Waiting is the hardest part!

  1. I’ve been following the gamestop stock, also. Another mask slips down. In the following years, the lawyers might be the biggest winners. The politicians won’t do crap. Wall Street owns too many of them.

    No on the pink Mac n cheese.

    There’s a saying “Hurry up and wait.”

  2. Hi, Joe, check your FB PMs for Confetti Popcorn, a rival to Kraft Pink Mac & Cheese for nastiness.

  3. You knew we’d all wait at least a few seconds for that last pic to load.
    I respect that kind of evil genius.

  4. Anything named Robinhood sounds a little suspect if you ask me.

    I haven’t watched the news today, so I have no idea what is happening, and I’m glad for it. At this point I don’t care if the world folds in on itself because it’s gone completely mad anyway. Conspiracy theories? Insurrections? Pandemic denial? Putin on the Ritz? I feel like I’m living in a very poorly written science fiction novel. 😛


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