Join us later today for a Dark Matter post-episode 13 discussion with the Orville Nation panel and special guest star Marc Bendavid (ONE)!

You do NOT want to miss this one!


Nooooooooo!  My Snow Monkeys appear to be facing imminent defeat heading into tonight’s final game.  My studs – Tyreek, Henry, Jacobs, and the Dolphins D – had their worst showings of the season.  Jacobs’ performance was particularly egregious in that he gave up a sure touchdown in order to run out the clock – a strategy that failed and resulted in his team losing the game and being eliminated from playoff contention (small solace).  Those six points sure would have come in handy as I bring a meager 11 point lead into tonight’s match-up.  He’s got Bills QB Josh Allen.  I have Bills kicker Tyler Bass.  According to the analysis, I have a 34% chance of pulling off the upset – which is, interestingly, the rough percentage of games that Allen has failed to outscore Bass by less than 12 points.  And one of those games came against the New England Patriots.  So…I never thought I’d say this but…GO PATS!

Well, this was fun.  The other day, I joined The Legion of Substitute Podcasters for an entertaining discussion.  Topics covered included writing, the television industry, Dark Matter, Stargate, Utopia Falls and, of course, The Legion of Super-Heroes.  Listen in to learn more about my failed Legion of Super-Heroes television adaptation.

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Completing the first act of the pilot script for Project F and its running a little long.   I’m considering moving one of the revelatory scenes out of episode 1 entirely and shifting it to episode 2.  Having a lot of fun with the Captain Dran character who is somewhat reminiscent of that Raza crew member.  It would be terrific to have two solid acts under my belt by week’s end.

I am also fleshing out a game plan for that pilot script the streamer expressed interest in earlier this month.  My writing partner and I, Tara, have been tossing ideas back and forth to the point now that I’m feeling very excited about the prospect of bringing you this series…which of course means I’ll be all that more crushed if we don’t receive the elusive green light.

Then again, this year-long development hasn’t been too bad a time.

A little holiday Yes/No: Snow Globe Pie…

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  1. Hi Joe, Hope you and the family are having a great holiday…. was wondering if you had been watching Sweet Home on Netflix? I am loving it! Just wanted to give it a thumbs-up for Holiday binge watching.

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