Months deep into this pandemic, I decided to effectively adopt a local small business to help it weather the tough times.  Beast is a great Toronto restaurant, known for its fantastic brunches.  Given the staggered lockdowns however, it has had to shut down indoor dining and shifted to a bodega-style set-up that has seen it offering bottle and artisan grocery shop service in addition to a take-out menu.  I’m a huge fan of its cheeseburgers, fried chicken sandwiches, and bone barrow french toast and always make it a point to drop by for everything from tinned octopus to spicy Liuzhou noodles.   Beast also offers “whole animal” meals reminiscent of the dinners served up by Chef Robert Belcham back when I was a regular at Vancouver’s (much missed) Fuel ad ReFuel restaurants.  Just choose your meat and place your order a week in advance.  Then, on the appointed day, pick up your order and prepare to be wowed.


We elected to do a duck dinner for Christmas Eve.  Our order came with a handy menu and an easy to follow instruction sheet for heating the various courses.


The liver parfait was spectacular and the duck gizzards, served in a kaffir lime sauce, were the best I’ve ever had.


Speaking of best ever, I’ve had duck wings before but never like this.  Outstanding – and Akemi’s favorite course.


On the other hand, the crispy confit legs with the rosemary roasted potatoes were my favorite course.


The seared duck breast a l’orange was also excellent and reminded me of one of my father’s preferred preparations.


The flourless chocolate cake was the perfect end to the meal – decadent and delicious.  In fact, every course was a home run and so impressed that Akemi wondered whether the chef had actually researched my blog to find out exactly what we loved.

Pxl_20201224_145241606portrait Pxl_20201224_190812325 Pxl_20201224_191223910

Another small local business we’ve been supporting throughout this pandemic has been SOMA Chocolates.  Another tremendous flourless chocolate cake, this one served with Akemi’s vanilla and bourbon cream.

A more sedate Christmas all in all.  In addition to some amazing pistachio and almond desserts sent my way via sis, Daisy, and mom….



A couple of Evangelion (Asuka and Rei!) t-shirts from Inked in Culture.


And some of my favorite chicken ramen –


Akemi scored chocolate, a two-weeks’ supply of seaweed, and this flashy little number she’d had her eye on –

Img_0497 Img_0499 Img_0495

When she wears this in Japan, the locals will refer to her as “yankii”.

Hope everyone else is having a good holiday even if you weren’t able to spend it with family.

9 thoughts on “December 25, 2020: Merry Christmas!

  1. Just got off an extended-family Zoom that included the relatives who usually don’t travel to holiday gatherings. Big win for the entire group.

    Santa and Amazon gave S. & I a new TV /cable remote, which I set up last night. The original one, only 3–4 years old, had become too unreliable.

  2. Cool sweatshirt.

    Hope everyone’s hanging in there
    and having a safe peaceful Christmas.
    Sending love and thoughts of brighter days ahead to all. XO

  3. Love Akemi’s Hoodie!
    Kind hearted of you to help others. Thanks for spreading the kindness. Happy Holidays / Christmas!
    I had lovely virtual gifts from family, all photos that I never seen before, and that was the best Christmas gifts A wonderful thought.
    Wishing you the best in 2021! Looking forward to new series / films from you in 2021. 😉

  4. Very nice shirt!

    Your dinner looks amazing!

    Our Christmas went well. I made everyone’s favorite dishes. Turkey and dressing for my hubby. My son had ham and Mac & Cheese. I made myself a nice shrimp salad. The only unfortunate part is that I still can’t contact my mom.

  5. Wowza, that bomb is Nashville has disrupted communications big time! Stores are cash only and 911 services are down. My Mom lives two hours from Nashville and 911 is down there too. I’m sure my Mom is fine but it’s disturbing not being able to reach her.

    They found human remains, but no one is releasing information about identity of the person. I’m praying they find the people responsible.

  6. Happy Christmas to yourself, Akemi and sweetie Suji.
    Love the hoodie and that menu looks really rather tasty!

    I was lucky enough to be able to share my Christmas Day and Boxing Day with my Mum. We are both living on our own and have been each other’s ‘support bubble’. (We did both decide to self isolate before the big day as well, just to be doubly safe)
    I must confess it was so nice to have someone in the house, to chat to and share meals with – coincidentally I cooked duck for our Christmas meal too. Mum has gone back home today and the house is now quiet again.
    It certainly has been different hasn’t it but I think all this has made us appreciate what is important to us.

    Stay safe everyone 💕

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