When people ask me what I’m working on, I will always list at least a half-dozen projects in various stages of development.  At present, it’s actually eight.  It may seem like a lot but the truth is, in this business, you never know: what’s going to move forward, what will be delayed, what will get killed, and what will get picked up.  Especially the latter.  Some seven years ago, I was 99% certain a drama series I had developed was about to get the green light while a sci-fi series I had pitched was D.O.A.  In the span of 24 hours, that drama series was dead and the sci-fi series got picked up.  Hello, Dark Matter.

There’s absolutely no way to know what a given buyer will take a shine to.  Often, it all comes down to timing.  And that’s why it’s always a good idea to have multiple projects on the go.  Of course you’ll always have your personal favorites, or the ones you deem most likely to spark interest, but best not to get too attached because if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you should always expect the unexpected. Such was the case yesterday morning when I received an email by a buyer expressing interest in a pilot I wrote a while ago, a script that I had assumed would never get produced.  Well, surprise surprise.  Needless to say, nothing is a given.  It could all amount to nothing.  But, for now, that supernatural small town mystery has vaulted into first place like Lollopop overtaking Black Knight in the windy part of Jelle’s Sand Marble Rally:

A little Yes/No for you…

As someone rightly pointed out on twitter, the biggest concern isn’t the spam-oreo combination but that layer of mysterious white substance.

I did a fun interview this morning with the Midnight’s Edge broadcast.  We touch on Stargate and Dark Matter but mostly focus on writing and the t.v. industry.  Check out if you’re interested:

Set your alarms for tomorrow, at 1 pm ET, when I rejoin the incredible David Read for another in-depth Stargate discussion as part of the Dial the Gate video series.  Tomorrow, we’ll be talking about SG-1’s fifth season and such episodes as The Fifth Man, The Tomb, Desperate Measures, Summit, Last Stand, Fail Safe, Revelations, and, of course, Wormhole X-Treme!  I suspect we may also touch on using a toaster to power a stargate, the Aschen and their suspect vaccine, and the death of Daniel Jackson (his first but certainly not his last!).

10 thoughts on “December 18, 2020: You Never Know!

    1. I started watching Jelle’s channel when John Oliver featured it. At first I couldn’t get the appeal. Then I picked a team at random and, all of a sudden, I was strangely invested. Not sure what that says about me or about humans in general.

      Oh, and a big no on that burger.

  1. Marble rally is interesting. I have also been watching hamster maze or hamster jailbreak videos. 🙂

  2. Well, that news certainly sounds interesting about the pilot! I don’t know how you keep track of all these marbles. I’d be all like, “which pilot was that, exactly?” when they called.

    I think the white substance is supposed to be the oreo cream filling? Maybe? The burger would have an interesting sweet/savoury combination, I think. I’d try a bite but I won’t commit further than that!

    I really miss the snowfall effect that used to be on the blog back in the old format in December. On that first day, I was always slightly confused as to whether what I saw was on the screen or that I was in fact having a minor stroke.

  3. What is Spam?? Is it bologna? The white stuff is probably whip cream or something ridiculous like that.

  4. Interesting! I do like small town set shows; Virgin River, Rosyln, Eureka, Stars Hollow, Deep Space Nine. I’m just so charmed by Annette O’Toole and Timothy Matheson on again, off again relationship.
    Just an fyi that Ron Howard’s Imagine Impact Netflix screenwriting shindig has it’s last submission round at the end of the month for fun action scripts. Their FAQ has some good tips on how to fill the application out.


  5. I remember the first time you shared the marble rally. Was surprised how much fun it was to watch.
    Enjoyed it all the way to the end this time, as well.

    Good luck with the buyer/production co? interested in your previous pilot pitch. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya. I’m sure it’d feel wonderful if you can get a definite yes on any one of the projects before the end of the year. xo

    A definite no to any Mc’D burger or, for that matter, anything spam. Mixing it with oreo cookies just make me cringe all the more. Cap it off with some pigeon turd looking white stuff oozing from the top and ya got a perfect barf storm. Albeit no where near as unappetizing as the story one of our NS101 learning community members recently relayed of an experimental chef acquaintance creating a newborn lamb placenta filled chedder goldfish snack cracker and pitching the idea to Pepperidge Farms.

  6. I’m not sure about the spam/Oreo combo. I’ll give it a pass. We we were poor growing up, so I’m well acquainted with fried spam sandwiches.

    How’s sleep going?

    My condolences on your friend’s passing. It’s hard to lose people.

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