Well thanks for all the well-wishes.  Suji slept through the night, ate breakfast, and seems otherwise unaffected by whatever ailed her yesterday.  Of course, I won’t commence official celebrations until later tonight once it’s obvious she is on the mend.  Until then – fingers crossed!


Yo, Stitch!


Contemplating life.


Displaying remarkable tonguemanship.


With her unsettled stomach, we’re not risking walking her through the lobby – so it’s doggy uber for her.


A potential suitor?  17 year old Roscoe just moved into the neighborhood.

He seems interested.  But Suji plays hard to get…

Keeping an eye on mom…

18 thoughts on “November 15, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Such darling pictures! Suji is so photogenic. Glad she’s feeling better. Will keep fingers crossed she continues in that direction.

  2. Glad to hear Suji’s is feeling better! It’s pitch dark outside here at 2 pm but I’m fighting the winter gloom by chatting with my siblings and enjoying cute Suji Sunday pics, and the Calif pizza I made for lunch helped too. I added spinach, salami, olives and fresh mozzarella to the thin crust Margherita pie, its the perfect plain base for me to go nuts piling toppings on. Had it with sweet potato fries and now that I’m once again blissed out I can go watch the Crown until the SpaceX launch starts. All in all a great Suji Sunday.

  3. Very relieved to hear whatever is ailing Suji seems to have passed. Albeit, considering she is the 4th dog in the neighborhood, (that you and Akemi know of), that has become ill, until you know for sure Suji is out of the woods, it might be wise to keep her away from any close contact with other people and animals. While it’s not likely she picked up an airborne viral, or via inhaling droplets on an infected surface, it is better to be safe than sorry. Pretty much every flu season I come across scattered reports of cats and dogs becoming ill along with the humans in their household.

    Blog sis Colleen was asking yesterday about Covid spread among animals?
    Yes, there have been some confirmed cases in both cats and dogs.

    While the risk is low, it does exist.



      1. @Tam That’s just awful. Anyone who would dump their cat or dog , based on one, or even several reports, should not have had them in their home in the first place. The infection rate in domestic animals has remained extremely low in comparison to human to human transmission. Ever just the same, some extra precautions should be taken whenever ANY easy to spread virus is going around. Especially with elderly animals with underlying health conditions. My 82 year old housemate and I both have health conditions that make us a much higher risk of critical illness if we contract covid. We simply make sure anyone handling Johns elderly indoor house cat Katie is masked and gloved and no one but me handles her food and water. Many of my neighbors have older dogs and simply wipe their noses with animal safe soap and water cloths after walks and are sure to keep other animals 6+ feet away just as they would for any human member of their household.

        Speaking of beloved furry family members … How is sweet Lucy doing?

  4. Glad to hear that she is doing well. Loved the pictures, she is such a little cutie!

  5. Sorry to hear Suji was feeling bad, but glad to hear she appears to be on the mend. Sending prayers and well wishes her way!

  6. Here is some additional information on U.S cats and dogs becoming infected with SARSCoV2 (the virus that causes Covid) for anyone curious about it. Note: Basic tracking only took place up to October 7th, after which the department was ordered to stop. The report does not list the number of domesticated cats and dogs that have been infected in each location, only the confirmation of a dog or cat testing positive. The report includes U.S minks.


    University of Minnesota/UMN did studies that suggest animals and humans are transmitting Covid19 back and forth. https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/09/covid-19-likely-spreading-people-animals-and-vice-versa

    Here is another report about infection in animals, and possible transmission to other animals, published November 10th. It includes Cats, Ferrets, Hamsters, rabbits, dogs and bats. The research in this particular report was focused on a Mink outbreak in Denmark. https://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2020/11/09/science.abe5901

    Here is a daily blog on how the virus is swiftly mutating and evolving. It doesn’t discuss animal to animal infection but does, at the very least, offer basic insight, for a general public audience, on the over all behavior of Covid, based on observations of those infected. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-00502-w

  7. That’s good news. Hopefully whatever she had has “cleared out”!
    But seeing where dogs stick their nose’s,
    she could have picked up something from the park.
    Have you done a background check on Mr. Roscoe? He’s a cutie though…
    Wow she has a long tongue!

  8. Kat: So sorry about your Puggles. {{{Hugs}}}

    Looks like Suji is enjoying the uber ride. She looks like a daddy’s girl. 🙂

  9. Suji baby girl, I hope you are feeling better, the first picture she is cuter than Yoda, love the perky ears!

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