I’m beginning to suspect I’m in a distortion bubble where time is rapidly accelerating.  I feel like it was just last week that I was saying “Hey, it’s summer already!” and, suddenly, here we are on the cusp of winter!  And it’s not just me.  Lately, Akemi has taken to remarking about the increasingly short days.  Bedtime?  Again?!  Before we know it, we’ll be deep into 2021.  And who knows what fresh horrors that year will bring!

How about a little Yes/No…

I would say….no.

From the SGA vault…











P.S. I discovered a treasure trove of Paul McGillion photos.  Thinking of making tomorrow a dedicated Pauly entry.  Who’s in?!

15 thoughts on “October 23, 2020: Is it just me…?

  1. It’s not just you. I was just speaking to someone today and we agreed that October in particular seems to have flown by. And it feels like it was just Summer! Making up for the first couple of months of the pandemic I suppose, where April and May felt like about two years.

    Any day is a good Paul M. day!

  2. Yes, especially being housebound, time is going quickly and I’ve become increasingly lazy. Perhaps the crisper temperatures and impending holidays will snap me out of my funk.

    Yes, please, to Paul!

  3. Summer scooted by so fast. All the daily routines with no change made the days run into each other. It is the strangest feeling.

  4. Oh and big hugs from Belgium! Waiting for new stargate 🙃 I’ve rewatched all my dvds from stargate like many times …. so need new material (got them all!!!).

  5. This year can’t be over fast enough for me. 2020 has been a crazy ride. I agree with Gforce April and May felt like about two years.

    That’s a No on the oreos.

  6. Time has been elastic for quite a while now. Since I put up really good blackout curtains in the bedroom, it’s been weird, well, weirder than usual. My husband used to have a projection clock beside the bed, and the time was always on the ceiling. I put it away, the light bothered me, but so did the constant hours above me. Now I have to ask my little Alexa what time it is. My guestimates are always way off. I don’t sleep in, quite the opposite. I find myself wide awake at two or three in the morning. It makes the marking of days even worse, because some days last three or four days, while others are a scant 12 hours.

    Crisp weather means I am stashing hoses and rainbarrels, and need to wrap the roses. Like today, because I thought I still had three days before the First Freeze, but I certainly do not! That’s tomorrow. Yikes.

    No, chocolate dipped bacon wrapped Oreos are the way to go. I may be ahead of the curve. A treat for electrolytes and compact calories without cooking at Burning Man: (no cooking mean no washing dishes and having to catch and evaporate your waste water) … take an Oreo, preferably one with chocolate filling, pop it open and squirt in EZ cheez, sharp cheddar flavor. Close the Oreo back up and wrap it in shelf stable bacon. Nom. Lots of calories, fats, and salts. You’re set for a day of adventures. Also good before drinking, get something in your tummy.

  7. I feel the opposite. For the past couple of weeks the days have felt incredibly longer. I often find myself thinking “That was yesterday? Seems like weeks ago.”

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