It seems like a number of the balls I set in motion months are finally coming into play.  Some strategic movement on TimEscape as well as my other sci-fi series, and progress on Project F (yet another sci-fi project).  I suspect things will be picking up in the next couple of weeks!

Y’know, I always loved the wraith interior decor…

Nup_131923_0319 Nup_131923_0320 Nup_131923_0338 Nup_131923_0428 Nup_131923_0466 Nup_131923_0473 Nup_131923_0484

Oh, hey, in the most unlikely event you missed it, here’s my Dark Matter Episode 3 panel discussion with the gang at Orville Nation…

2 thoughts on “October 20, 2020: Projects on the move! Wraith interior decor! Dark Matter Episode 3 discussion!

  1. Exciting news that stuff (especially TimEscape, of course) is starting to move along! Can’t wait to hear more. I always loved the Wraith ships, too. Great set design, and I loved the whole concept of them being kind of “organic”.

    I missed the show watch (again), but I’ll have to check out that vid!

  2. It amazes me how good set designers/builders are. You have shown a beautiful example.

    Exciting news and thanks for the positivity!

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