5 thoughts on “October 4, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Poor Suji, it’s cold I know! Autumn came outta no where. Oh this is totally me this week with the first cold snap, woke up and piled on sweaters, suddenly it’s deliciously cold here.

    I’m so glad it’s only Sunday, yesterday I ventured out a few blocks to the bank and of course first thing I stumbled on was the remnants of a drunken couple’s dispute and police officers milling about and one aggrieved party howling insults about the other party. The police were pretty chill, apparently simultaneously waiting for the deli to open.

    On my way back I passed the now dispersing cops putting one of the injured parties into a car, and the formerly howling drunk was now sobbing, all the drunk anger turned into drunk crying.

    To the screenwriters on the board you now have until November 1st to submit to the third of four screenwriting opportunities with Imagine-Impact, Ron Howard partnered with Netflix to create the contest with 4 different genres. The November 1st deadline is for female led thrillers like Gone Girl, What Lies Beneath and Bird Box. Happy writing!


  2. P.S. Any chance you could record and post your video chats? It would be very nice to see who we’ve been talking to for years. Of course, it would have to be with everyone’s person but still, it would be cool.

    Also, what’s the next crime film?

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