More from the Stargate vault…


The Atlantis gate.


Setting up the gate – White Sands, New Mexico.


Fun in the sun with Jamil Walker-Smith and Brian J. Smith.


Director Andy Mikita’s On-set Brain Surgery TED Talk – “The Shrine”


You get one trip through the gate.  Where are you going and who are you taking with you?


The dynamic desert duo.


Doing a thorough sweep of the area.


6 thoughts on “September 3, 2020: More from the Stargate vault!

  1. I suppose a blower wouldn’t have looked as good as sweeping? They did a great job. 😉

    1. Hey Joe? That’s actually a really great question . I’ve always wondered what each gate was made of on set? How much they weighed? Was it the same props designer behind the gates design and creation throughout the entire series? I vaguely recall you let Mark Nicholson take over the blog several years ago for a Q n A. Was he the lead gate designer/builder? What did they make the (submerged) half gate out of that supported the weight of 4 cast members sitting on top of it in The Shrine? And How many gates were actually built throughout the series? i.e: Did they simply create 3-4 total gates then remodel and re-use anytime a slightly different look was needed in new adventures? And what happened when the SG series wrapped? Were the gates destroyed? auctioned? become an exhibit in a film/television museum? or placed in a long term storage vault??

  2. I’m heading to New Athosia for tea, meditation and Athosian yoga. I’m gonna shop at the open air markets and decompress.

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