I think Akemi may have slipped something into my food today.  Hear me out.  For lunch today, I had a giant cheeseburger with avocado, tomato, wild leek chimichurri, and La Bomba spicy Calabrese pepper spread.  I was feeling perfectly fine and lay down for a couple of seconds.  Next thing I know, it’s 2 hours later!  2 hours!  I suspect a couple of Suji’s gabapentin may have found their way into my patty.  No solid proof because I unwittingly ate all of the evidence, but I’m on my guard.

Came across this interesting article today –

7 Books About the Possible Future of Space Exploration

Screen-shot-2020-06-01-at-8.01.36-pm Screen-shot-2020-06-01-at-8.02.00-pm

Strategy meeting tomorrow morning with regard to TimEscape with my production partners, then another one later in the week with my reps.  The wheels have started turning again on it and several other projects.  Also, last night, I dreamt that I was starting production on yet another project that is picking up steam.  Prescient?  Probably!

Yesterday’s movie-themed question:

Today’s movie-themed question:

8 thoughts on “June 1, 2020: The secret ingredient is…gabapentin! The wheels are turning!

  1. LOL. Good nap. Definitely not the gabapentin. It’s the delicious burger.

  2. That burger looks delicious. And really, you deserve the rest. 🙂

    Great news about TimEscape! I can’t wait to see it on screen.

    I can’t think right off of a movie that I expected to hate but ended up loving. I’ve had a lot of the other way around, though.

  3. That sandwich looks awesome. Now I know what to make for dinner. Hope you feel better and that all your endeavors go well.

    I wish you’d consider making a show about aliens who help people instead of trying to harm them as all the rest of TV and movies portray aliens. IRL they seem to avoid hostility. The Navy declassified Nimitz incident (2004) scared the military but there was no evidence the craft they engaged were hostile. It was pretty cool how these craft could make some incredible moves, like going from 35,000 feet to fifty feet in .74 seconds. A human in a human made aircraft would be pancaked from the G force. Obviously, these beings or whatever they are can control gravity.

    Anyhizzle, have fun with your TimEscape team and let us know when we can see more of your work! Best wishes always.

  4. Postprandial somnolence. Now I want a burger. I haven’t had a burger since entering lockdown.

    Thanks for the book recommendations. I haven’t read any of them!

    Greatest opening scene of a movie? Probably “Saving Private Ryan”. The first 15 minutes of that movie were intense!

    I can’t think of any movies I expected to hate and ended up loving. I usually go into these things with an open mind. TV shows, on the other hand . . . “Stargate SG-1” I was expecting to hate because nothing could compare to the awesomeness of the movie. Oh how wrong I was.

  5. Last night I dreamed I went back to work too. But I could no longer remember how to do my job.

    Well, if you need a good nap, eat one of those hamburgers.

  6. I appreciate you keeping it light. The world has gone crazy. I’m having trouble looking away. It’s like watching a train wreck…

    I’m on gabapentin. So, I say it was probably the cheeseburger. It reminds me of when we go to a BBQ place, because we always call the aftermath a “BBQ coma”.

    Thanks for the book recommendations! I’ll look them up.

    I’ve been sticking to reading junk food fiction lately. It’s low stress and good escapism. I did listen to “Absolutely Power” by Balducci. It was narrated by Scott Brick. Scott’s in my top five of good voice actors. Now I’m listening to one of the Prey series by John Sandford. His narrator for that series is Richard Ferrone. Richard’s my number one guy for listening. If you ever need a voice actor, try and get one of those guys.

  7. The involuntary naps where you wake up feeling super refreshed, sinuses clearer than ever are really a curse. You feel up because your body released adrenaline to correct whatever the imbalance was (usually blood sugar). Those two hours don’t count a whit toward your nighttime sleep. Such a scam.

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