Suji seems to be slowing down.  It’s as if someone flipped a switch on her birthday.  Whereas once she was a determined and tireless walker, lately she has been slow and given to lengthy stoppages. It reminds of a similar situation with my pug, Jelly, who would just quit partway through her walks, taking a seat in the grass and refusing to budge.  I would later discover that she suffered from hip dysplasia and the lengthy walks made her uncomfortable.  I wonder if it’s something similar with Suji.  I do know that she suffers from some hip dysplasia as well, but it’s never slowed her before.  She’s been taking krill oil/MSM/glucosamine (for her joints), monthly cartrophen injections (for her arthritis), and rimadyl (a non steroidal anti-flammatory) – and that has seemed to help.

Screen-shot-2020-05-24-at-9.32.17-am Screen-shot-2020-05-24-at-9.32.28-am

She’s also been taking tacrolimus to address the keratitis on her eyes – and I’m wondering if that might not be it as well.  She seems to be having trouble seeing as evidenced by her wayward walking pattern and her recent propensity for walking into things.  She can see me hunker down to offer her a treat from 12 feet away but often, if I’m holding the treat just inches from her face, she won’t even notice.  I wonder if it’s an issue with her peripheral vision that has made her more cautious and uncertain in her walking.


Otherwise, her appetite is good.  She’s still as vocal and cantankerous as ever if breakfast or dinner are delayed, or she wants to go to bed so she can get her good night treat.  Still, there has been a noticeable change.  We’ve started giving her a small dose of gabapentin for pain whenever she seems uncomfortable, and plan to bring her in to get checked out by our local vet.  Hopefully, it’s something we can address.


Yes, 15 is old for a dog.  But she was perfectly fine up until recently, and the sudden change has been surprising.


24 thoughts on “May 24, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Poor Suji. Fingers crossed it’s just an issue with the meds and a readjustment will help her. At least she is still keeping you and Akemi on your toes

  2. Poor SujiQ. But 15 is old for any dog. If she was a person, she’d be about 90 now. No question she has the greatest caregivers/parents, so she is well taken care of. Truly a lucky dog.

  3. Dear sweet Suji girl, You are beloved by so many throughout the digital universe! You’ve always been so strong and so brave and so tough. Those darn aches and pains of older age make it harder to do your thing. It’s okay to slow down if you’re tired and want to take it a little easier these days. Your mom and dad are taking such good care of you! We’re praying for you and we love you! <3

  4. I suppose aging catches up with the best of us.. But maybe Suji is missing the stimulation of a walking/playing/competing buddy too. Nothing like wanting to best your bestie to give you that spurt of energy..

  5. Lovely pics of Suji enjoying spring blooms! I hope the vet visit will help get Suji back to good walkies; those squirrels need a darn good barking to.

    I’m slowly making my way through CBS Sunday Morning and they had a piece on how Hollywood will cope with reopening, and examples of precautions crews are taking:

  6. 💗 Keep taking such good care of that sweet cantankerous Suji soul. She’s so special! 🐾💕

  7. Aww, poor Suji. I have noticed in a few of the pictures and videos lately she seemed sleepier than I thought she normally is, but just figured it was coincidence. As you said, 15 is getting up there, but I guess the same as for all of us it’s important to take it one day at a time.

    Give her a big hug for me!

  8. Oh, sweet Suji Baby.

    She’s an absolute ball of cuteness and wonder.
    I hope it is a passing thing.

    Much love from lockdown in Vermont.

  9. What beautiful Suji blossom photos.
    So sorry to read she is slowing down a bit. Has she got cataracts or perhaps she needs the company of a younger pup?

  10. Saddened to hear of Suji’s situation. But also happy to hear other than stamina and some coordination issues while walking, she still has her orneriness, feisty spirit and desire to swallow food (and treats) whole. She is so adorable and I’ve loved every second of following her adventures through your posts. She found a great home when she made landfall with you and Akemi. The love and nurturing has improved her quality of life, and she has been able to enjoy “the pug life!” So many don’t ever get that lucky. Hoping and praying they can find out what’s affecting her, but she has lived a great life with you, and brought warmth and happiness to all of her followers. We love you Suji!!! Just like you were one of our own. I have a 14 yo female pug and a 17 1/2 yo male. She is just starting to slow, but lives each day just like the previous. He started to slow a few years ago, but more noticeable in the last 6 months. During that time he as lost hearing and much of his sight, was well as lose more of his hind-end mobility. But he still gets around pretty well. Oh, yeah, and they’ve both lost most of their teeth, so we had to adjust to eating soft food. Ha! Not much of an adjustment. They remind me of Suji the way they gobble it down. lol

  11. It’s always a lovely Sunday
    when one gets to enjoy an irresistibly adorable face
    amongst the cherry blossoms.
    Slow soothing caresses
    gentle sweet kisses
    and tasty treat thoughts for Suji, today.

    Here’s hoping the problem proves minor and easily treatable.

  12. It’s very good that her appetite is good. My sister has an older cat who’s feeding habits changed and when she took her to the vet it wasn’t very good news, probably, maybe. It will be hard to know until there is another test in a month. BTW, her vet was very good about physical distancing, so I hope your’s is too. Hoping for the best for Suji!

  13. Sweet Suji. She’s such a tough little gal. A you mentioned, it could be so many different issues, but since she’s got a healthy appetite, that’s a really good sign. Sending healing thoughts her way.

  14. Hi Team Suji, She is a testament of amazing care taking. I love watching for her lucky number, color and veggie of the day. I too, have an aging love, and it’s tough. It’s day by day – but I am so grateful of the time. You guys are great and am thinking of you all. ‘Schmoop, schmoop…schmoop 😘(kisses)

  15. Thinking of you both and Suji. We went through it with two senior pugs a few years ago. CBD powder seemed to help quite a bit. Xoxo

  16. We just love Suji and pray for the best. Please keep us posted. Bless your little Suji, she’s our favorite.

  17. @Kat Karena Thank you for the kind words. Wishing you the very best with the book writing.
    And hope your puggles, Bacon, continues plodding along for a long time to come.

  18. I’m saddened to read Suji is having issues. I’m saying prayers for her. I expect a good vet will be able to sort things out. I agree with the comment on CBD oil if you can get a good one. You might consider also seeing a holistic vet in addition to regular one. I have a holistic vet who is amazing. Have you considered a glucosamine supplement? Also, any chance she got into something of toxicity? In the garden perhaps?
    Suji is such a love. I have become attached to her. Sending lots of love and pets to her. She’s in the best hands at least with such caring people as you and Akemi. I’ll be eager to learn what you find out.

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