I consider myself a foodie, but my friend Robbie David is a super foodie.  And when Robbie recommends something, you KNOW it’s going to be great.

But Robbie isn’t your typical foodie.  Forget the fancy plates and foam-topped modernist.  Robbie is an expert on steaks, smoked meats, and burgers.  So when he asked me if I wanted to check out a new (to me) burger joint, I was IN!

To be fair, although I was looking forward to lunch, I did have some small reservations.  I’ve sampled this city’s purported Best Burgers, but I always come back to good old Burger’s Priest.  Very hard to beat that burger, than bun, and option to top it with double smoke (deep-fried jalapeños).  Still, I went in with an open mind.

Photo courtesy of Yelp’s Dan L.

So we headed to the new Rudy on Duncan Street, just a 20 minute walk from my place.  There are apparently another two in town, and Robbie swears by them.

The menu is surprisingly simple: Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, a Fried Chicken Sandwich, and sides.  We both ordered Doubles.


The patties are smash griddled to perfection, the edges crisp and savory. Everything else – the lettuce, the tomato, the Rudy sauce and soft bun – came together wonderfully.  Dare I call this Toronto’s Best Burger?

Yes.  I dare.

The Master of Ceremonies – Robbie David

And apparently, I’ve been told, their fried chicken sandwich is even better than the burger!  I’ll have to check it out next time.  Or maybe the time after that because this burger has been on my mind since Monday.

So what’s the next best thing to actually eating burgers?  How about watching videos of people eating burgers?

All four of the above burgers look great, but the Emily is the one I really need to try with its caramelized onions, pretzel bun, and medium-rare doneness.

So, I’m considering a World Burger Tour.  Tell me, what is the Best Burger in your town?  And what makes it so good?

12 thoughts on “March 7, 2020: Best Burgers – There can only be one!

  1. This post literally has me salivating. The best burger I’ve had in this town is at a little locally-owned place that’s just a few minutes’ drive from home. Their buns are custom-made with a barely perceptible hint of sweetness, but what puts it over the top for me is the quality of the ground beef in this generous 1/2 pound patty. You know it’s quality not only by the juicy, steak-like flavor, but by the fact that you’re asked how you’d like it cooked. (Mine’s a medium-rare bloodfest)

    Their Cajun Shrimp Burger which is loaded with sauteed shrimp, jalapenos, jack cheese, and more jalapenos (it’s like that on the menu) is a favorite & was featured in Food Network Magazine back in June/July 2009. They also have a surprisingly good and authentic Cuban sandwich, at least in my limited experience with said type of sandwich.

  2. We don’t eat out very often so I could not choose a place in town. The best broasted chicken is at Falls Manor on Lundys Lane in Niagara Falls.

  3. What do you and Robbie think about Holy Chuck?

    Those NYC burgers … I’m going to have to try some of them when I’m there … soon. 🙂

  4. I think it’s a tie between Armando’s and Five Guys.

    The Armando’s patties are fresh, huge, and just cooked to doneness. The lettuce, tomatoes, and onions are fresh and ample. Two hands are barely enough to hold this beast. By the last bite, you’re ready to pick up a fork to scoop up the droppings, not wanting to leave a crumb. Assuming you have room (I never do), they have great sides and desserts. Armando’s is somewhat of a local institution started by a local guy and then franchised locally.

    Five Guys is an international franchise with very strict rules for cooking that are verified by mystery shoppers. The meat is cooked under a press and turned only once to retain moisture. They feature a nicely crispy outside with a done, but juicy center. Toppings to choose from are grilled mushrooms, onions raw or grilled, tomato, lettuce, cheeses, and several other options. The bun is lightly toasted on the grill. Fries are their specialty. They are twice fried so that the outside is lightly crispy, but the inside is hot, soft, and fluffy like mashed potatoes. Think doggy bag because these burgers are a handful and very filling. The servings of fries are huge (by franchise requirement) and are tasty reheated later. Again, leave no crumbs because this burger is too good to waste!

    Both Armando’s and Five guys are strictly throw away restaurants. No plates, just great food.

  5. You’re killing me! 😉 I’m on a clear liquid diet until tomorrow night. (Medical tests) The burgers look so good. Sigh…. I’ll go grab some jello now.

    Other than burger heaven, anything else happening?

  6. We went on holiday to Boston USA (not Boston Lincolnshire) last year and A&B Burgers were Bootiful (as we say in Norfolk, UK) The best here (Norfolk, UK) are at Sculthorpe Mill and Gonzos Tea Room

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